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TapTap Editor
27 Views 10/26/2021
It's more like a game combined with the Tycoon Games. (It's not simply Simulator Game such as truck simulator🧐) It is a game where you simply control the contents of the train, the elements of loading and transporting freight, and clearing the missions for each stage. If you're thinking of a truck simulation that simply manipulates trains, you'll be disappointed. There are a lot more parts to the game than you think. You have to move freight one by one and solve unexpected issues on each map. That's why you have to invest a long time in one stage than you think. It is by no means a simple game.
Hardcore Gamer
16 Views 10/28/2021
*Language: 18 types *Network: Unnecessary *Login restriction: No ------------------- DIY the outfit of your trian. It funny that you can edit color of the steam. When the train sprang up in coloured smoke, it looked like it had come from the wizarding world. Finish the order from different costomers, then you will get coins to upgrade configuration of your train. You can also watch AD to get some resources for free.
31 Views 10/26/2021
The first thing I thought was that it was a train simulator, but I had no idea grabbing cargo would be considered a mini-game. Your job is to drive an old-fashioned train and transport the customer's cargo Some of the pros and cons + It is much simpler to drive this game than professional train simulators + Cargo handling can be viewed as a fun mini-game to earn golds or coins + The scenery while driving the train looks very rich and comfortable. There are mountains and water, snow and desert, as well as bridges and tunnels.
0 Views 06/08/2022
its really good
2 Views 11/24/2021
New cars, new trains
माम्द मनतकत
1 View 12/28/2021
1 View 02/24/2022
игра хорошая, затягивает
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