*Language: 18 types
*Network: Unnecessary
*Login restriction: No
DIY the outfit of your trian. It funny that you can edit color of the steam. When the train sprang up in coloured smoke, it looked like it had come from the wizarding world.
Finish the order from different costomers, then you will get coins to upgrade configuration of your train. You can also watch AD to get some resources for free.
You can control the train forward and backward. When you encounter an uphill slope you can pull the rocker to release sand to help boost the train. When going too fast you need to release condensate to cool down. The game is not very complicated to play.
There is one thing that I think could be improved. Shipments are given different amounts of rewards depending on how long you take to complete them. Right now the time limit for high rewards is so short that it is hard to get the best rewards. I wish the time requirements were a little more lenient.
I prefer realistic style simulations and this game is more on the cartoonish side. But if you are a fan of trains and like casual games, you can experience this game.
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