Screenshot of ZOZ: Final Hour
Screenshot of ZOZ: Final Hour
Screenshot of ZOZ: Final Hour
Screenshot of ZOZ: Final Hour
Screenshot of ZOZ: Final Hour
ZOZ: Final Hour

ZOZ: Final Hour Test SEA

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"ZOZ: Final Hour is a Third-Person Shooter game for your extreme shooting delight.

Zombie City, San Yager.
Including you, a group of mercenaries infiltrates into the City to collect Blood Crystal--a mysterious matter which carries the hope of salvation of human race--from hordes of zombies. You could only evacuate with enough Blood Crystals. Watch your back, for zombies may not be the biggest threat...

- Gear up and Move out
Find and upgrade your weapons while make use of multiple perks and skills, fight a way out with your style!
A chopper will ship you into the battlefield, which is made up by several blocks of random building complexes, making each mission a thrilling surprise!
- Peace or Rogue
Kill Zombies and extract Blood Crystals, or simply take BCs from your fellow Mercs after killing them. The unique experience offers you a chance to choose your style, but bear in mind that your only goal is to get the Blood Crystals and get out of the city!
- Human or Zombie
In San Yager, death is a new start. You could revive as Zombie Merc after being totally defeated. The thirst for blood is taking over your mind. As a zombie, all you need to do is pursue the pure pleasure of hunting down Human Mercs. It’s time to kill!
- Team-Player or Lone-Wolf
You can select Solo mode and go all alone, or Duo Mode and fight in pairs.

Thrill and glory awaits in the zombie city. Join us now!
Email: [email protected]
Official website:

Please note: ZOZ:Final Hour ONLY supports Android 5.0 or higher version."

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