Screenshot of Honor of Kings: World
Screenshot of Honor of Kings: World
Screenshot of Honor of Kings: World
Screenshot of Honor of Kings: World
Screenshot of Honor of Kings: World
Screenshot of Honor of Kings: World
Screenshot of Honor of Kings: World
Honor of Kings: World

Honor of Kings: World Global

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Honor of Kings: World is an open world RPG that will be released on multiple platforms worldwide!

Have you ever dreamed, beyond the Canyon?
To meet more people in the vast lands beyond the Canyon of the Kings. To listen together to the secrets laced with the sound of the wind blowing in the clouds.
Learn about the reshaping of Chang'an with its organs and technology. Go on an adventure with young girls and boys in a continent full of fantastical creatures and legendary customs.

Let's explore this vast world together!

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25 Views 04/15/2024
When will it come out and be availbale on the Philippines server. we are still excited. 😲😲
M.Talha.R YT
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898 Views 03/09/2024
My First Rank Game in HONOR OF KINGD
2.2K Views 02/29/2024
Aung Htet
66 Views 01/03/2024
If the game map is enlarged a little, the game will be complete
148 Views 12/09/2023
I like the game play
42 Views 02/17/2024
when you let us fans know when this game comes out global
TapTap Creator
3.6K Views 11/04/2023
HOK, what's up with the 2006 aesthetics?
449 Views 11/01/2023
Ngl, this game looks so outdated I bet I can run it on my Samsung fridge. It's already near end of 2023 and mobile moba players still couldn't adapt to playing heroes with 4 abilities? Is this a moba for kindergartners? I believe the developer have gone mad backward, instead of innovating new and exciting gameplay, they gave us the same old recycled shite flavor we have already tasted in AOV and Mobile Legends.
sasageyo attacktitan
849 Views 11/05/2023
Been playing the global beta version. Too many weak teammates. 100% all the time my teammates are weak, afk or intentionally feeding unlike my enemies, they're always strong. They are not bots,  most of them are real human players but im so dissatisfied with how they team me up with low win rate, lose streak players all the time. I dont think the global version will survive tbh.
286 Views 10/28/2023
genshin impact or this game ? whwho is better in gp ?
That's everything for now. Start a new game?