Screenshot of Just Cause®: Mobile
Screenshot of Just Cause®: Mobile
Screenshot of Just Cause®: Mobile
Screenshot of Just Cause®: Mobile
Screenshot of Just Cause®: Mobile
Screenshot of Just Cause®: Mobile
Screenshot of Just Cause®: Mobile
Screenshot of Just Cause®: Mobile
Screenshot of Just Cause®: Mobile
Screenshot of Just Cause®: Mobile
Screenshot of Just Cause®: Mobile
Screenshot of Just Cause®: Mobile
Screenshot of Just Cause®: Mobile
Screenshot of Just Cause®: Mobile
Screenshot of Just Cause®: Mobile
Screenshot of Just Cause®: Mobile
Screenshot of Just Cause®: Mobile
Screenshot of Just Cause®: Mobile
Just Cause®: Mobile

Just Cause®: Mobile

Provider SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
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Just Cause®: Mobile is an action-shooter set in the explosive Just Cause universe and designed exclusively for mobile by Square Enix

Action-packed story campaign, 30 person competitive multiplayer, 4 player Co-Op missions - Just Cause®: Mobile has all of this and more!

*During our Regional Early Access period, only users from designated countries will be able to access the game. Please note that gameplay modes and features are still limited and work-in-progress.
*Regional Early Access is a program where app will be offered in some areas before the official global launch.
During this period, we will get feedback from users on the gameplay to improve the game content. If you have any feedback, please send it to us through "Research" or "Contact Us" sections in the game.
We will also be working on bug fixes and expanding on compatible devices.

Just Cause®: Mobile is entirely free to play with four distinct game modes, high quality 3D graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4, responsive touch controls, unique movement system (parachute, wingsuit, grapple), voice chat and high action gameplay at your fingertips!

Traverse the world with immense freedom using the iconic combination of the wingsuit, parachute and grapple. Use your gear to gain the upper hand in combat or quickly move across the large-scale locations.

Experience an all new action-packed story set in the Just Cause universe. Explore large open-world locations and take on enemy Darkwater forces as part of the Firebrand team. Complete missions to progress the story and form alliances with well-known characters from the Just Cause franchise.

Compete against other players in fast-paced Just Cause®: Mobile multiplayer! Squad up in teams of 10 as you secure bases to score big points. Fight back the opposing teams across a sprawling map with a large arsenal of weaponry & vehicles. Use text or voice chat to strategize with your team or even form your own clan to earn further rewards.

Team up with 3 friends and tackle missions in a 4 player Firebrand squad. Take on waves of enemies with your selected gear and shoot your way through more challenging encounters ranging from heavy tanks to armoured mechs!

Create and customise your own agent as you rise through the ranks of Firebrand, an elite sector within the Agency organisation.

As you play Just Cause®: Mobile you will unlock a wide arsenal of weapons, armor, gadgets and vehicles mods for your agent! Upgrade & level up your gear and agent as you complete objectives, missions or challenges!

Suit up and cause chaos! Download JUST CAUSE®: MOBILE now!

Note: An internet connection is required to play this game.

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Just Cause : Mobile Gameplay Clip 🎮
2.1K Views 11/19/2021
Takes only RPG 😅😅😅
814 Views 11/18/2021
I2SK00L4 C00l
Bad spinoff of a much better and superior game.
47 Views 10/10/2022
here.though a mobile game it would have served as a good standalone but this is coming off the just cause franchise which ive adored and played through countless times. This game just feels like a easy way for squareEnix to make a quick buck.
Dave Liem
44 Views 10/10/2022
this game its good.. fun to play.. the rating wtf dude.. you a game maker or what? if just gamers then just have fun.. dont give a bad rating like that.. to make this maybe they need 2 years or more..
Highly recommended
46 Views 09/22/2022
This is a very unique and funique game. I don't understand the low reviews. There isn't any other game similar to this one. Square Enix created their own genre with this well made game 5/5.
Hardcore Gamer
161 Views 11/18/2021
I have been a fan of the Just Cause franchise for a long time, and have been playing it since Just Cause 2 for PC. And when I saw the Beta, I just had to try. First of all, if you're not from Singapore like I am, please use a VPN first. As for the game itself, I was surprised that it does not play like most Just Cause games, as it has more RPG elements within it. However, players can still cause much havoc with the grappler, as you zip around to avoid enemies... or get yourself closer to them. Admittedly, the grappler shenanigans look a bit toned down, though it's still only Beta for now, so they may add some options for doing fun things with the Grappler.
122 Views 03/16/2022
first of all we all r not aspecting this,but is not that bad I love the table top view it's kind a look like last day on earth, gameplay it's also nice, need to working on the NPC,AI the enemy's were spawn real fast ,making it graphically smart will help you guys overall game is 👍 great job,and i like the urban look of the game and graphics is also nice it's reminds me the new generation contra,and lots of things to say but overall great work
76 Views 11/17/2021
First, as other regional test, remember to have a vpn to change your ip address to Singapore to join the test or you would forbidden by the game. I thought for a long time, 4 stars would be a fair score for an early access. I'm old fan of Just Cause. When I was child, my computer made by potatoes.(My dad bought it from my neighbor ) There many games my computer can't play at. They crashed as soon as I opened games. Just Cause is the one of games which can run smoothly on my compute.
Ahmad Baihaqi
85 Views 11/22/2021
oh, damn, this game is awful, while pc running using own engine, this one running in ue4, while good on the paper, but feel for gameplay is just generic twin stick shooters style with just cause in name it. well, there has picture advertising you can free open world to be explore, but it's so generic, quest are recycled over and over again. the camera is suck, it's Sucksballs, you can't rotate like bdm do, just only rotate camera bird eye view style. this game should be call "Just Dumb". don't install, and don't play it.
50 Views 11/26/2021
2021 and top view camera and weird look. Square Enix getting Squared(ratio). I will rethink of playing if the top view idea is dropped Every other element looks good only drawback eagle view cam. May be there some % people will like it but overall many hate will it. . Who ever thought this type gameplay eagle cam will succeed needs to rethink. Its 2021 have you seen games on mobile? Pubg Mobile, New State, Life After, Undawn, etc More over Gta Trilogy def edition also coming on mobile. Look at those and see what's u all developing here. This game will get rekt before it games out. 😂 I usually support devs and the company but this siiit is like we want to get rekt. I don't know but 2020 21 some huge game developing companies producing siit games.
That's everything for now. Start a new game?