Screenshot of Limbus Company
Screenshot of Limbus Company
Screenshot of Limbus Company
Screenshot of Limbus Company
Screenshot of Limbus Company
Screenshot of Limbus Company
Screenshot of Limbus Company
Screenshot of Limbus Company
Screenshot of Limbus Company
Screenshot of Limbus Company
Screenshot of Limbus Company
Screenshot of Limbus Company
Limbus Company

Limbus Company

Provider Project Moon
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As the Executive Manager of Limbus Company, lead your group of twelve Sinners,
venture into the buried facilities of Lobotomy Corporation, and lay claim on the Golden Boughs.

▶ A Combination of Turn-based RPG and Realtime Brawl
Each turn results in a display of exhilarating action.
In the combat phase, units on both sides will act simultaneously.
During the scramble, characters targeting each other may Clash.
The outcome of a Clash depends on the strength of their opposing skills and a sprinkle of luck; the winner can shut down the loser's skill.
Ensure you use the right skills to win Clashes.

▶ Single-handed Skirmishing
Connect skill icons across the grid, and your units will take action according to your commands.
Chaining skills of the same color allows you to deal greater damage.
Using simple and practical controls, watch as the Sinners dance to your tempo.

▶ Create Diverse Strategies with Identities and E.G.O
Form teams of Identities and equip them with an arsenal of E.G.O that will create powerful synergies.
Your foes come armed with a variety of Affinity-based attacks and tricky effects.
In particular, Abnormalities are formidable foes that may prove to be considerable challenges.
Learn their behavior and weaknesses, and compose the right team to eventually conquer them.

▶ Immerse Yourself in the World of Project Moon
From the creators of Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina, another tale set in the same, unique world unfolds.
In this massive dystopian metropolis, you will embark on a journey to find Golden Boughs with a cast of 12 Sinners.
Enjoy the gripping story and the series of events that await.
All dialogue in the main story comes fully voiced in Korean.

Best of luck, Dear Manager.

- Official Game Website: 网页链接obal/
- Twitter: 网页链接

- Studio Website: 网页链接udio/
- Studio Twitter: 网页链接
- Developer YouTube: 网页链接@ProjectMoonOfficial/

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Wherenis update??????
19 Views 05/11/2024
Please explain why the update is so late. please...
14 Views 05/04/2024
Please update..I have to receive 1600 lunacy
19 Views 05/11/2024
When is the update already? So it will come to next Thursday
Don Quixote
43 Views 05/15/2024
🎮 Gameplay: A Pretty new gameplay revolution because of the coin flip, The does show that there are bad and good but still the game balanced and not pay to win. The Dev is helpful they will listen and consider what the community suggestions are best 📖 Storyline:  A long story line sequel of Library Of Ruina, A good story, Thrilling with lore hidden everywhere 👎 Cons: I can't leave the game 👍 Pros: LIMBUS COMPANYYY
17 Views 04/26/2024
Everything is good but update is too slow Please update
18 Views 05/03/2024
29 Views 04/19/2024
Nothing to do with Project Moon itself, but the game gets to Dante's loading screen and then suddenly freezes my entire phone until I need to reboot it. I have Limbus on my tablet too so I know it's probably taptap's fault
Top 7 nice games
4.9K Views 04/19/2024
34 Views 05/06/2024
Fix your game! Bad optimisation for mid range mobiles. Constant crashes. But when it doesn't crash it plays flawlessly... Such a shame. It's a good game too. But my experience and frustration with it compels the 1 star rating. Sorry guys, it's based on my experience...
🎮 Gameplay: 10/10 Cool and fu 📖 Storyline: A dark story and kinda cool
119 Views 03/24/2024
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