Screenshot of Clash of Titans
Screenshot of Clash of Titans
Screenshot of Clash of Titans
Screenshot of Clash of Titans
Screenshot of Clash of Titans
Screenshot of Clash of Titans
Screenshot of Clash of Titans
Clash of Titans

Clash of Titans

Provider Actoz Singapore
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Welcome to the world of Clash Of Titans! Experience India's first-ever mobile MOBA game and be captivated by the sheer number of titans and skins! 5V5 Team Battle, Be a Titan!

-Classic 5V5 MOBA
Not only are there countless titans waiting for you to unlock, but also heaps of exciting free skins and rewarding events waiting for you. Join Clash of Titans! The fantastic content is not to be missed!

-Mega kill at your fingertips, experience the peak of excitement
Smooth controls and pinpoint skill accuracy to get land skills every time. Try getting your own Megakill! Dive in to find your fated titan and role. With only 2 fingers, experience a real-time battle and carry the match!

-Squad up with friends and play anytime
The most popular mobile MOBA! Invite your friends anytime, anywhere, and team up to play with new friends. What are you waiting for! Download this popular MOBA with your friends and play now!

-Team up and battle as one
Tank, Mage, Support, Marksman, Assassin... Clear roles and strategies. Brainstorm strategies with your friends and become stronger together. Achieve your dreams as a Titan!

-Many exciting skins for you to choose from
We have a sea of titans, amazing free skins, and countless events all here at Clash of Titans! Don't sleep on this!

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2 Views 5d
how to dowlond for ios made in Thailand
นงนภัส ราศรี
451 Views 12/02/2023
Bebem Mate
479 Views 10/09/2023
The game dead excitement😢😭😭😭😭
Well, I saw Clash of Titans became the top ten of the popular list. So I choose to download and play it. Sorry, I may have to different viewpoint with the player who give 5 stars. To be honest, What’s difference from this game and other Mobas on the store? Game come up with truly little or no innovations.

 I’m an experienced gamers of moba game. I played the LOL and Dota 2 for a long time. When I was in college, I played with my classmates. I must say it’s best time in my life. Now I seldom play Moba on my phone and try more other types. Even though, it’s so easy for me to catch the similarity. The tide hunter in Dota. Garen, Lucian in LoL. I know who’re they even they had a cosmetic surgery in Korea.
5.2K Views 12/24/2021
262 Views 11/04/2023
This video Arena of Valor /AoV
Wahyu P.A.P
367 Views 12/01/2023
Is there someone know how to top up on COT without using google playstore IN ?
17 Views 04/06/2023
i think its fun here
676 Views 12/24/2021
Seems to be an exact clone of Arena of Valor. Games are also riddled with bots. For some reason, it keeps attempting to ."automatically reconnect" me for 3 attempts before forcing me to close tab. I was able to play 5 rounds just fine before running into this issue
841 Views 12/07/2022
Exact copy of aov when sea has a aov of there o
Gaming Youtube
25 Views 01/18/2023
S1 player here😋😏
That's everything for now. Start a new game?