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Grand Cross: Age of Titans - A Strategy RPG With Giant Robots! Hey there, fellow strategy enthusiasts! I'm PixelRainbow, a mobile gamer who loves a good challenge and a captivating story. Recently, I dived into Grand Cross: Age of Titans, and let me tell you, it's been a wild ride! What I Loved * Strategic Battles with a Twist:  This game throws out the usual turn-based stuff. Here, you command troops in real-time, adapting your tactics on the fly. Plus, giant robots called Titans add a whole new layer of strategic depth –  launching a devastating Titan attack at the right moment can turn the tide of battle!
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Underrated, F2P generous as long as you’re in a good alliance
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my experience
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Playing this until I reach city hall/castle lvl 11 Well we know game like this always have many varieties like RoK and many other (I know there many of this game, I just don't remember the name, seriously tho... It hard to remember all of them) with same mechanic you lvl up your castle, increase your battle power , and collect many waifus(HELL YEAH) now I will presentation it with pros and cons: PROS:
A fun and interesting game to play, it keeps me busy for hours
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Total Size 1,18 GB, Strategy RPG with an isekai anime story background. Plus there is also a Titan, The giants who helped in the war are the attraction of this game. But unfortunately there is very little information on how to get the fragments to awaken it. This Titan in the storyline, he is resurrected but in the next chapter he loses because he protects the castle. The gatcha chance is also very random, and of course very low for getting a legendary hero.
Shirley RPG
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Cannot update the game with new update. I think it's very sad when you olay/donate and game and devs can't do nothing for normal service. Only 1 star
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This story depicts how Mio and Yujin, who are idols and strategy game geniuses, are sucked into another world just a few days before their debut. They arrive in Skyna and meet Princess Destina, enlisting them to help her kingdom drive out the invading forces of Chaos. You control these two unlikely heroes of hers, leading a variety of troops, including infantry, archers and siege engines, to reclaim territory lost in chaos.
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MMORTS, Anime, Isekai, and Mechas | Full Review - Grand Cross: Age of Titans
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Typical p2w netmarble trash... just a copy clone or thousands of games similar to this out there. Zero creativity or originality. Hard skip.
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