Screenshot of Land Of Eno
Screenshot of Land Of Eno
Screenshot of Land Of Eno
Land Of Eno

Land Of Eno Test Global

CBT on Mar 4
Provider AplayStudio-Overseas
Downloads 193,234Followers 161,733

The Land of Eno has a wealth of characters to switch, completely random relic challenges, completely random equipment entries, and completely random equipment enhancement system.
Players can experience the randomness of Roguelike, and at the same time meet the requirements of brushing equipment and strengthening the gameplay of equipment. The Land of Eno also has a wealth of world bosses,
Players can brush equipment in random ruins, improve themselves, and then challenge world Bosses. Challenge all world Bosses to pass the game.

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46 Views 2022/3/4
If you want my opinion then i'll tell you. The controls are kind of weird, i don't really understand how to play. The graphics are alright, not bad. Though i did find a gamebreaking bug (maybe not lol) But the game is weird in a good way. My verdict is the game is not that bad, controls are some what a problem. Though i'm so generous enough to give it a 3 star. Or a 6.4/10.
2 star just for combat alone
559 Views 2022/3/4
86 Views 2022/3/4
just awful, money mine with ads. when the guy responded with "Wait for more time and watch the ads for our Developer can focus more on this project and at the same time when the game is still beta he can still earn little money buy us watching the ads 😉" it's clear just how much it's just made for ads and the revenue of people watching them. I could make better in a few days.
Azeros X
21 Views 2022/3/8
Damn, this game has alot of potential ! Even the graphics are nice and i don't lag that much, but there are still bugs, and i mean plenty. I'm having trouble changing characters, i glitch in mountain and the tutorials are confusing and there are like no limit in the map, i walk soo far that i glitch in the mountain and still be able to walk, and by walk i mean walking inside the mountain. But over
Hardcore Gamer
1.5K Views 2022/3/4
383 Views 2022/3/4
Land Of Eno Developer
<Collection can't save game problem>
81 Views 2022/3/4
<Collection can't save game problem> <In my test, the game can be saved normally, please tell me the model that cannot save the game, and whether the storage permission is allowed (the storage permission is used to create archives) And the Android version, is it Android 11?>
23 Views 2022/3/4
This game is incomplete . The UI barely exists and there's no storyline as well . I'm happy the decided to share the progress with us but this definitely isn't a game that can be played now . I do see potential, love the aesthetics and combat feel in general, needs a dodge button tho. Good work Devs, I hope we can play the fully developed game soon .
54 Views 2022/3/4
Here's my honest review for this game, hope you're reading this dev... -The tutorial is short and not descriptive enough -Should've added a roll/dodge button -Character should look different base on the armors you're wearing, instead of just the weapon -Character should float on water instead of weighing tons and sticking to the ground as always -Should've change the graphics into individual like
34 Views 2022/3/5
This game has so much potential. Sooo much! I wish the controls were a bit more snappy. It feels like slow motion to me. For a single dev taking on such a massive project, I think this game could do incredibly well later in it's development. The framework is solid and I think the dev is familiar with how basic the UI and inventory screens are so I won't complain there. It lacks polish, which is
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