Screenshot of Dead Wasteland: Survival RPG
Screenshot of Dead Wasteland: Survival RPG
Screenshot of Dead Wasteland: Survival RPG
Screenshot of Dead Wasteland: Survival RPG
Screenshot of Dead Wasteland: Survival RPG
Screenshot of Dead Wasteland: Survival RPG
Screenshot of Dead Wasteland: Survival RPG
Screenshot of Dead Wasteland: Survival RPG
Dead Wasteland: Survival RPG

Dead Wasteland: Survival RPG EA Global

Provider Just For Fun Games
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In the aftermath of a devastating alien invasion, the world as we know it has been left in ruins.

Cities have been reduced to rubble, the atmosphere is tainted with extraterrestrial contaminants, affecting not only the air but also polluting the water and soil.

The survivors, who have successfully sought refuge from the invaders, must now struggle to rebuild their lives in a world that has been forever changed.

You will encounter various enemies, including wild animals, zombies, ghouls, mutants, aliens and robots. To survive, you'll need to collect resources, craft tools and build shelters.

Inspired mainly by the classic Fallout games, as well as the Metro Exodus, Wasteland, Stalker, Mad Max, X-Com, DayZ, Project Zomboid, Rust, State of Decay and Resident Evil series.

Dead Wasteland: Survival RPG main features:

- Open world map with procedurally generated locations, enemies, items and encounters
- Physics driven combat, realistic hit reactions and ragdoll death animations
- Damage/armor system similar to classic Fallout
- Hand-to-hand, firearms, explosive weapons including Minigun, Flamethrower, Chainsaw, Sniper Rifle, Gauss Rifle, Bow, RPG, Lightsaber, Spear and other ;)
- Various types of armor and equipment familiar to fans of the post-apocalypse
- Atmospheric post-apocalyptic 3D environment, different camera angles including first person, third person, top down
- Day/Night cycle, weather
- Craft/Durability/Repair/Rest system
- Gamepad / Dualshock / Xbox Controller support (comming soon)

You will experience the best elements from the Fallout, Stalker, Metro series, offering an expansive open-world environment teeming with mutated creatures, robots, aliens, wild animals and different factions.

The game's unique gameplay mechanics blend horror, survival, and roleplaying elements seamlessly, providing a gripping experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Dead Wasteland is currently in its beta stage, which means that certain elements may undergo changes. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Found a bug? Contact us by email, attach a screenshot / video. Be sure to include your device brand, model, OS version and app version.

This survival game is regularly updated with new features, content and challenges to keep you coming back for more!


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5 Views 6d
🎮 Gameplay: the amazing game!! And grafik it beautiful!!! Download now
524 Views 09/10/2023
The game graphic quite cute, just the map doesn't have any meaning, randomly point anywhere, fight all the enemies inside then clear, seems nothing interesting.
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TapTap Creator
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980 Views 04/24/2023
Want to play
Bảo Nguyễn
493 Views 06/18/2023
I like the ideal of this game but the control is very awkward. It take time to grinding and crafting time take very long. The game should have some guide to tell the player which group is hostile and which is not. Also neft the aliens pls their so OP :)
Gaming Witcher
757 Views 01/28/2023
Change the gun aiming. It's literally impossible to shoot enemies
TapTap Creator
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8.3K Views 04/11/2023
641 Views 02/26/2023
Not a bad game overall. Controls are kind of hard to get used to but I had no issues killing saying once you see the kill area. Graphics are good. At least give it a go if you like the genre.
TapTap Creator
26K Views 01/08/2023
806 Views 08/21/2022
At this level it works, i like concept but bad optimized enough, isn't too much complete but phone heat. Need more controller options, joystick  and aim clearly separated. Could be better add an option of bare hands to run additional to primary and 2nd weapon. Health bar is better than numbers. If it have aim assist should be better an aim point or mark to wich enemy you will fire, or middle point to figure out where are you firing weapon.
That's everything for now. Start a new game?