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8 Views 02/20/2023
Server lag, some times server stops, cross-server disbalance with toxic ppl from other servers
Aman Ohlyan
25 Views 02/09/2023
Man What a Story Of Game ...if you bored and no one orher is there for you or maybe you finding a game like adventure action or mixup with a story you should play this...and man graphics is too good...you gone love it it try man ... When you free..
Time Raiders
4 Views 03/03/2023
0 Views 02/20/2023
Server lag, cross-server disbalance
ate of the living dead
ate of the living dead
Hardcore Gamer
Pretty game, shallow experience
108 Views 01/06/2023
I love the source material, and ever since Brave Adventure closed I've been looking for a substitute tomb raiding game... sadly this is just another generic MMO without much to help it stand out from the crowd. The gameplay is perfectly fine, but it's just that: fine. It's the same standard mobile MMO fare we've seen for years. The story and graphics are good, and there are enjoyable elements like antique collecting, but not enough to keep me coming back.
10 Views 01/09/2023
Pretty decent game if you don't have flag ship device try this game. Sound effect & Combat system could be improve.
Zakaria Garali
0 Views 01/29/2023
realy waw
SB Gaming Stadium
Time Raiders HD gameplay part2
21 Views 01/03/2023
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Yahea Mohammad
1 View 01/17/2023
Hack unlimited money
My lvl 237 and sarvar not responding why and login issue and don't spend money this game
47 Views 12/29/2022
That's everything for now. Start a new game?