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Duong Nguyen Bi
Healthy game for F2P
1.4K Views 03/02/2023
Pros: - The aura battle system kinda unique - U can doing just well without paying money, since the difference in stats between Rarity is not giving so much advantage. - Have skip story button for lazy gamer. - The story is fun enough to play through, not just auto and u can easy beat the map - Really have potential with new modes that the devs gonna add up in new patches. Cons: - Take much time for a battle due to Aura system, although it has 2x speed, but I think that just won't enough.
Zacker Gamer A
Valiant Force 2 & All Redeem Codes - How to Redeem Code
56 Views 02/22/2023
162 Views 02/17/2023
nah the game is far worst than I thought,story is confusing, they dont give you enough time to absorb the story but instead giving you a glimpse of blurry history then forces you to play on future timeline without properly knowing whats going on, the system is boring, aura and trigger system is confusing, it supposed to be strategy RPG but with few mobile tweaks it is basically win by upgrades and collection RPG, VERY bad SSR pullrates for a mediocre confusing game(seriously i mean it), and the worst is they ban people for rerolling, the devs are the joke itself🗿
8 Views 03/01/2023
love the gameplay... but need to improve the story
10 Views 02/26/2023
In term of depth and complexity, this game is great...
Kairu Gonbe
VF2 is a Tactics game
77 Views 02/16/2023
wu tequila
55 Views 02/17/2023
The graphics are good, but UI sucks. You can't switch teams at preparation stage and very power consuming, needs some more utilizations. Not recommended at this moment.
5 Views 02/19/2023
This game shut down 2 times already then tries to release a sequel to the first, still trash lol.
Karen Ren
Seems like a bait, the graffic is like glued, not hd, and i cant login to the game
80 Views 02/13/2023
11 Views 02/16/2023
Day 1 server issue is normal, but still it's piss me
That's everything for now. Start a new game?