Screenshot of ParaSpace
Screenshot of ParaSpace
Screenshot of ParaSpace
Screenshot of ParaSpace
Screenshot of ParaSpace
Screenshot of ParaSpace
Screenshot of ParaSpace
Screenshot of ParaSpace
Screenshot of ParaSpace
Screenshot of ParaSpace
Screenshot of ParaSpace
Screenshot of ParaSpace
Screenshot of ParaSpace
Screenshot of ParaSpace
Screenshot of ParaSpace


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ParaSpace is the best avatar-based social platform with user-generated content. Join ParaSpace, wear your favorite avatars, connect with people worldwide, and explore diverse virtual experiences.

To run ParaSpace, your Android phone needs to meet the following minimum requirements:
- OS: Android 7.0 and up
- CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 660/MTK Helio P35 and above
- RAM: above 2GB
- Benchmark models: OPPO A11, Vivo Y3, Samsung Galaxy A12, and similar or higher-level models
It's important to note that meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee that the app will run smoothly on your phone. Our team will continue to optimize the experience and support more models. Please stay tuned!

Want to become a superhero in the movie or an anime character you fancy? ParaSpace provides access with which you can upload any model as your avatar. Be whoever you want to be by uploading your own avatars!

ParaSpace fosters an atmosphere of inclusivity, openness, and friendliness, where anyone with a unique soul can find a sense of belonging. Here, you can use avatars to express your personality, socialize online anytime, anywhere, and experience a different kind of social connection.

Explore a variety of 3D immersive worlds created by our global community! Meet new friends, play games and explore all kinds of virtual experiences that you will never see in the real world!

ParaSpace offers a wide variety of virtual parties to join, including Friend Matching, Avatar Exchange, Social Gaming, and more. Special events ensure that your experience remains fresh and exciting!

If you are tech-inclined, feel free to create your own worlds with Unity and upload them to ParaSpace through our SDK. Use your imagination and share your cool worlds with the community!

【Contact Us】
If you have any issues, visit us at: 网页链接

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ParaSpace Official
🏆 Check Out the Top 3 Avatars of April 🏆
295 Views 05/10/2024
7 Views 05/12/2024
best game ever🎮 Gameplay:
Ezequiel Cassano
MIt sends me to the Play Store and in the Play Store it won't let me download it because it is from another region That's why I installed it and updated it from TAP TAP Life but now it doesn't stop with the new update and I have been in ParaSpace for a long time and so that you believe me, I leave you the screenshot of my account
155 Views 04/16/2024
ParaSpace: A mobile VRChat Review
1.2K Views 04/03/2024
วิศิษฎ์ บัวสนธิ์
4 Views 04/03/2024
Good game I like this 👍
6 Views 03/15/2024
not enough skin color options
27 Views 03/04/2024
improve quality? I saw the game in videos and now that I download it, the quality of the characters is rubbish. I hope that in the next update the quality will be improved 😐😕
Ciara C. Sins🍯🐝
Keep it up, turn down the HEAT!
1.3K Views 07/24/2023
So far I'm really loving the social engagement, and encouragement towards avatar and world developments. If you have kids/friends etc. whom are interested in game/level design, this game can really assist in the social dynamics of being a computer geek haha! NO IN GAME AVATAR DESIGNING NO IN GAME LEVEL DESIGNING The game operates on authentic game design tools, and highly encourages the simplicity of learning that design with Unity and they're added tools. I believe this is an excellent step in the right direction.
12 Views 03/15/2024
love it but need to fix bugs =)
34 Views 02/01/2024
I want to play this game and in Belgium it won't let me play it.
That's everything for now. Start a new game?