Black Tiles™ : Piano Master

Black Tiles™ : Piano Master

Provider TaoGames Limited
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Play the #1 piano rhythm game on Android for FREE!<p>Black Tiles is the latest hit piano music game to take Android by storm! Free your fingertips to dance across elegant melodies from piano classics, calling forth splendid musical symphonies that enliven your spirit and inspire your heart.<br>Gameplay is simple and addictive: avoid the white piano tiles while you tap all the black piano tiles to play beautiful music just like a professional pianist!</p>
<p>Highlights:<br>· Easy and addictive piano music gameplay<br>· High quality piano music soundtracks<br>· Features a large collection of piano songs from Mozart to Beethoven<br>· Challenge yourself with multiple musical play styles<br>· Play your favorite song like a professional pianist</p>
<p>Current hit songs:<br>·· Jingle Bells<br>·· Little Star<br>·· Canon<br>·· Amazing Grace<br>·· Fur Elise<br>·· Yankee Doodle<br>…</p>
<p>Download Black Tiles now for more great songs and rewarding music challenges!</p>


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