Secret Agent Max Survival

Secret Agent Max Survival

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Unleash epic Secret Agent Max Survival, an ultimate secret agent game, As a secret agent of the agency, rescue lives of innocent peoples from terrorist. A secret government agency has hired agent max for a high level secret mission that involves sniper shooting and assassination of terrorist group to rescue your fellow agents captured by them. Stay in a stealth mode to hide yourself from the enemies. Shoot them to eliminate crime from the society. You are going to be a top-level highly trained secret agent assassin. Just get started using your elite sneaky skills to win the war against crime. Save your country. Enjoy one of the best spy games!<br><br>Live life of spy operate under the radar, Trained as sniper shooter in public for stealth operation in city, exhibit quickly move and sneak skills. Infiltrate enemy territory shoot lights to walk shadow to shadow crime city. Use your Sniper 3D gun shooting experience to assassinate the enemy. Aim and shoot to kill. Start killing in one of the best shooting games ever. It’s a free game to test your shooting skills. Time for an ultimate war action. You are recruited as a elite spy agent and trained by secret service force. Take down enemy sniper and foot soldier armed with assault rifles. Keep covering for stealth operations behind walls, remain out of sight from terrorist in secret agent rescue game. Sneak behind enemy guards and snap their neck with one smooth movement. Shoot spotlight, pick lock and move to strike criminal squad with deadly force. Being an experienced and well trained special swat agent equipped with all modern weapons and guns you have to complete every rescue mission you are assigned. Rescue the hostages and fight hard for your survival<br><br>As professional spy trained get ready to execute dangerous operations in miami. Take down terrorist enemy sniper and foot soldier armed with assault rifles. Spying and assassinations play key role to serve your nation. Live life of spy agent breaching enemy hard time and stealing sensitive information or assassination mission for high profile person escape mission.<br><br>Secret Agent Max Survival Features<br>Smooth and intuitive controls<br>Stunning &amp; High Quality 3D Graphics<br>Thrilling and challenging Missions<br>Sniper Shooting &amp; Assault Rifle Crossfire<br>Highly challenging stealth game mission<br>Real time lock picking and door hacking<br>Intuitive FPS and 3rd Person Controls<br>Easy &amp; Fun to Play


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