Screenshot of Hazard School : Bully Fight
Screenshot of Hazard School : Bully Fight
Screenshot of Hazard School : Bully Fight
Screenshot of Hazard School : Bully Fight
Screenshot of Hazard School : Bully Fight
Hazard School : Bully Fight

Hazard School : Bully Fight

Provider NestorDev
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At the school, Blue Sky Academy, chaos reigns among the students. They will be involved in different situations, sometimes ironic and sometimes conflictive, but all of them have the common goal of gaining total control of the school.

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Nizam Nizam guardiola
89 Views 7d
📖 Storyline: A game with simple graphics but a very easy-to-understand and excellent storyline and gameplay is rare. You won't regret downloading it.
57 Views 02/14/2024
it's a very good game very good stories i recommended 👍
Hello Helso
51 Views 02/01/2024
I have done this game The ending is so good. I almost cried really because I thought that they won't see each other again. But here's a twist they will still see each other.
323 Views 12/15/2023
Great story, great gang wars, also fun
792 Views 11/18/2023
Very nice game, interesting story, and unique graphics. This would be a 5 star game if it wasn't for the unbearable amount of ads. The ads literally play every 2 missions which is literally so annoying. Overall, good game, just lower the ad count.
410 Views 11/18/2023
This is overall a very good and satisfying game, it has unique story and kinda nostalgic graphics. WE WANT AN UPDATEE!!
Abu Jubair
77 Views 02/21/2024
Great story, needs a bit of grind but worth it... Finished it within 8 hours
PurrpGodd Peebles
38 Views 02/06/2024
This game is very good im only at the escaping from the bullies mission but i can tell this is going to be quite a gem if you wanna see sub 3D And advanced 2D merged gfx this os the game to showcase for new cutting edge pixel art gfx please make more games like this publisher and dev you could end up making some of thee best 2d games on android as a whole this is a keeper [add a beta]
1.3K Views 07/29/2023
Really a fun little game with simple graphics. I had my fun playing this game and just beating random people up getting stronger, getting stronger equipment, stronger weapons and just spamming explosives. Of course there could be a little more to explore on the map like more stores or just also more ways to earn money because that's sometimes a bit of a grind. But in the end I can defenitly say the game was fun.
SI want to download this game, is it real or fake?
1.1K Views 11/12/2023
That's everything for now. Start a new game?