Screenshot of 1 Bit Survivor (Roguelike)
Screenshot of 1 Bit Survivor (Roguelike)
Screenshot of 1 Bit Survivor (Roguelike)
Screenshot of 1 Bit Survivor (Roguelike)
Screenshot of 1 Bit Survivor (Roguelike)
1 Bit Survivor (Roguelike)

1 Bit Survivor (Roguelike)

Provider Chaz Acheronti
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1 Bit Survivor is an easy to play but difficult to master randomly generated roguelike with stylized pixel art and survival horror elements. Fight to survive 28 Days of the Zed-pocalypse and save your pet Cat!

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An unstoppable virus has destroyed humanity. Many turned into mutants. The rest fight for their life. Drive your car across the country to reach the underground bunker and survive.
Will you make it to the end? Or succumb to the monster threat?

- Simple controls: Move and Shoot
- Casual: Easy to play but difficult to master
- Turn-Based: Take your time and make your choices carefully
- Survival Horror: Limited resources make every decision matter
- Roguelike: Only one chance to survive, if you die it is Game Over

- Single-player Offline Rogue-like
- 3 Unlockable Character Classes
- 9 Different Enemies
- Procedurally Generated Levels
- 10 Level Tilesets
- Stylistic 1-Bit Pixel Art style
- Unique first person animations
- Extensive Run Statistics
- Minimal Ads and No Microtransactions
- In App Purchase to Remove Ads

See how the game was made from concept to reality in the Project Jumpstart devlogs.

Email: [email protected]
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Youtube: 网页链接@acheronti
TikTok: 网页链接@acheronti_games

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Gameplay: ✅ Guns:✅ 3d reload:✅ Cat:✅ Cars:✅
47 Views 06/02/2024
7 Views 05/02/2024
I'm enjoyed it, I got my chance to nearly at the end on day 27. Yet, I didn't escape or finish character progression and it's a bit thinking challenge to me. what tactic should i be move to strategize the mobs, how many damage is takes. In my experience, I don't heavily play it, i only played for killing time to be benefiting cause art styles, themes including the animation are satisfying as gun the shooting is memorable.So on, I quit the run cause I don't play much times on these (sacrifice it to clear storage) but maybe I'll come back if I'm lost interest to my primary games.
8 Views 03/26/2024
I like it!
27 Views 05/02/2024
👍 Pros: It's a pretty good game and has a good graphics, the art style is NOICE, it's great. 👎 Cons: It only have 3 items, would be nice of there were 4. 🎮 Gameplay: Engaging and NOICE 📖 Storyline: Nice storyline, the cat is cute. 🕹️ Controls: Pretty decent controls.
1 Bit Survivor - A Minimalistic Thrill Ride
213 Views 01/24/2024
96 Views 12/25/2023
This is a rare type of game with inferior graphics, but other than that it's a lot of fun, it's worth checking out for those who love a good RPG in this style
not here
145 Views 12/17/2023
706 Views 11/18/2023
I love all pixel games but, this one.. is a diamond in the rough. The controls are a bit confusing at first but I got the hang of it quickly. This game is frustrating but addicting at the same time. Overall, 10/10 game.
30 Views 01/24/2024
This is a good game but I cant even finish one. I always died. Does anyone have tips to survive?
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236 Views 12/09/2023
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