Screenshot of Honor of Kings
Screenshot of Honor of Kings
Screenshot of Honor of Kings
Screenshot of Honor of Kings
Screenshot of Honor of Kings
Honor of Kings

Honor of Kings

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Provider Level Infinite
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Honor of Kings: The Ultimate 5v5 Hero Battle Game

Honor of Kings International Edition, developed by Tencent Timi Studio and published by Level Infinite, is the world's most popular mobile MOBA game. Dive into the classic MOBA excitement with 5V5 hero's gorge, fair matchups; numerous battle modes and a vast selection of heroes allow you to demonstrate your dominance with first blood, pentakills, and legendary feats, crushing all competition! Localized hero voiceovers, skins, and smooth server performance ensure quick matchmaking, teaming up with friends for ranking battles, and enjoying all the fun of PC MOBAs and action games as you ascend to the pinnacle of honor! The enemy is nearing the battlefield—players, rally your allies for team battles in Honor of Kings!

Moreover, Honor of Kings invites you to partake in top global eSports events! Cheer for your favorite teams, witness thrilling, fervent gameplay, and even become a player yourself, standing on the global stage as a mobile legend MOBA player! It's all in your hands! Here, you are not a playerunknow; enjoy the battleground that's rightfully yours.

**Game Features**
1. 5V5 Tower Pushing Team Battles!
Classic 5V5 MOBA maps, three lanes to advance, providing the purest combat experience. Hero strategy combinations, forming the strongest team, seamless cooperation, showcasing extreme skills! Abundant wild monsters, a wide range of hero choices, battle after battle, fire freely, enjoying all the classic MOBA fun!

2. Legendary Heroes, Unique Skills, Dominate the Battlefield
Experience the power of heroes from myth and legend! Unleash their unique skills and experience completely different gameplay fun. Master the special skills of each hero, become a legend on the battlefield! Challenge your operations and strategies in the peak showdown of skills, experience unparalleled gaming fun. Choose your favorite heroes, unleash their power, fight alongside your teammates, conquer opponents, and create legends!

3. Ready to Team Up with Friends Anytime! Experience Ultimate Competitive Gameplay in 15 Minutes!
A MOBA game tailored for mobile, enjoy competitive gaming in just 15 minutes. Use your intellect in battle, combine strategy with skill, fight to the death, and become the MVP of the match! Team up with friends anytime, coordinate with rational hero selections, use your synergy with friends to sweep the battlefield with skill combinations, and become the heroes who dominate the battlefield!

4. Team-Based Fair Competition! Fun and Fair, It's All About Skill!
Dominate the field with skill, pursuing glory with your team. No hero cultivation, no stamina system, bringing back the original joy of gaming! A fair competitive environment without additional pay-to-win aspects. Superior skill and strategy are your only means to victory and championship honor.
Enter the mobile arena where legends are born, and valor is tested with every challenge you face.

5. Local Servers, Local Voiceovers, Local Game Content, Smooth gaming, immersive experience!
Local servers ensure smooth gaming experiences for you; localized hero voiceovers immerse you in every exciting battle; localized heroes and skins allow you to use your familiar heroes to achieve victory. At the same time, Honor of Kings prepares excellent AI for you. When you or your teammates disconnect, the AI will temporarily control the character to assist you in continuing the battle, ensuring you don't lose the victory due to outnumbered battles.

**Contact Us**
If you enjoy our game, please feel free to give us your feedback or leave a message.

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I have to say that this is one of the best MOBA games i played. If you aren't new to MOBA,you must have heard about the game “Honor Of Kings”,this game first released in China and stayed to China for a very long time until it's release on Brazil on Year 2023,And now it's ready to launch Globally on June 20,2024 and I'm here to talk about it's pro's and Cons. Pro's: •This game has a really good graphics and it has a really great playstyle,it can overcome some of the most popular MOBA like Mobile Legends and LoL wildrift.
67 Views 17h
Jonathan M.
5 Views 7d
🥲🥹so many skin but can't buy it, I can't recharge, I'm from India. If it's possible plz do something ❤️ the game is awesome the match matching and the role playing adjustment in rank is just too good
4 Views 05/14/2024
👍 Pros: I want to try this game
Hëã Thëã
🎮 Gameplay: Very good play.
56 Views 05/16/2024
230 Views 05/04/2024
For everyone who thinks this is new mobile legends...its not. 1. Game has interesting graphic, you can set it on own. 2. Good matchmaking, no bots, no trolls(very rarely) 3. Unique heroes, even basic skins is very good with stunning visual effects. In most moba games you can get skins if u want to see it, but here everything different. 4. No donating, as i said in most moba games when you buy skins there will be "privilege" for example:   +10 attack,   +15 hp and etc.
Jaime e. Hulguin Jr.
3 Views 05/12/2024
i hope this game is in the Philippines..
which moba best in india pls answer...
208 Views 6d
Hell yeah better than mlbb
4 Views 7h
👍 Pros:  Very Excellent Graphics and Smooth Gameplay 👎 Cons: Matchmaking Queue in Ranked Match 📖 Storyline: Excellent 🎵 Sound: Awesome 🕹️ Controls: Great 🐞 Performance: 99/10 🏆 Achievements & Rewards: So many free reward and free skin ❤
561 Views 6d
8 Views 3d
Matchmaking is horror they will match u against 3man or 5 man team since not much player is online even after doin all the f..kin job clueless master player will start runnin solo at last moment and will keep dying idk if they r even human or not at this point stuck in master played 1to 2 hero as recommended by old player to rank up even after killing so much enemy and pushing enemy will always lead gold n my team will always behind idk I'll uninstall this game if I didn't reach grand master this week and will never play this shhttt again
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