Screenshot of TeamPunk
Screenshot of TeamPunk
Screenshot of TeamPunk
Screenshot of TeamPunk
Screenshot of TeamPunk


Provider AstroDutch Studio

We must protect the Convoy.
Radical advances in steam and coal technology changed the way of life in the Kingdom. This brought about prosperity and progress in society,
however this progress also brought about radical climate change, destroying the flora and fauna of the country, devastating food and other resources.

Convoys are sent full of resources to the smaller towns in order for them to survive. However, since raiders pose a threat to the Convoy, the Convoy is protected by Guardsmen (The Players). They need to kill these raiders, in order to protect the Convoy and to ensure the small settlements can survive.

Teamwork is key. Work together as a team to defend the Convoy by killing enemies and collect resources to fuel the Convoy.
Choose your poison. Use different kinds of powerups to defend your teammates and the Convoy.
Raiders be raidin’. Different kinds of enemies form a dangerous threat. A threat you have to stop.
Fuel the Convoy or yourself. Fallen enemies drop fuel. This fuel can be used to fuel the Convoy or heal yourself. Will you sacrifice yourself for the Convoy or will you take the risk by using them on yourself?
Singleplayer requires either a mouse and keyboard or a controller to play. In order to play local multiplayer, controllers are mandatory (with support up to 4 controllers).

TeamPunk is a student project created by AstroDutch Studio as part of the Game Design & Development minor course at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.


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