Screenshot of Notice Me Senpai
Screenshot of Notice Me Senpai
Screenshot of Notice Me Senpai
Screenshot of Notice Me Senpai
Screenshot of Notice Me Senpai
Screenshot of Notice Me Senpai
Notice Me Senpai

Notice Me Senpai

Provider Skillshot Labs
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In 'Notice Me Senpai', you play as the first female student in an elite all-boys private school. You take on a job at the campus Third Year Building Cafe to help pay for your tuition. You attract new customers (Senpai) by combining coffee and placing decors. As you manage the cafe, you meet all sorts of pretty Ikemen Senpai (upperclassmen or seniors). From nerds, to jocks, to famous pop idols and mystical men, this school has your choice. Will you be able to get them all to Notice You?

- Collect 34 different Senpai (new Senpai added every other month)
- Seen adorable little Chibi versions of each Senpai
- Unlock Special CGs and interactive stories for each Senpai
- Celebrate Birthdays of your favourite Senpai together
- Unlock closet and dress your character in the style of your choice
- Choose personable nicknames
- Raise romance and affection levels
- Interactive mode to get close and personal with your favorite Senpai
- Combine various coffees and place numerous cafe items
- Customise, design and decorate cafe layouts and backgrounds
- Take and save camera snapshots of your Cafe and Senpai
- Limited time, seasonal events (egg hunt, star festival, valentines, etc.) and mini games
- Major and incremental content updates every month
- Simple, casual game play (idle and clicker)
- Recommended for players of otome games, idol games, love simulations games, casual games, visual novels, romance games, collection games, sim games and episode games

Follow our official page to read Senpai stories, get the latest news and helpful tips on how to collect new characters and grow your coffee shop:

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