Jean's Sundaeria

Jean's Sundaeria

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★ Nutrition Facts (Amount Per Serving)<br>▷ Calories : 0 kcal ▷ Sugar : 9999 g<br>▷ Total Fat : 0 g ▷ Caffeine : 0 mg<p>♥ Last month's best seller was Strawberry Parfait.( ^_^)_旦<br>I can't wait to see how well it would sell this month.<br>The customers also really loved Chocolate and Pudding Parfait.</p>
<p>♥ But our Tropical Parfait isn't doing that well… <br>What do I do with all the fruits in the kitchen?<br>Sigh. ( 。´ □`) =3</p>
<p>▣ Gameplay Concept<br>▷ Bring food to the customers and keep them happy.<br>▷ If the customers wait for too long, they get angry and eventually leave the shop.<br>▷ There is a time limit on each level.<br>▷ You need to meet the revenue goal to beat each level.</p>
<p>▣ Features<br>▷ 5 shops with 30 levels to beat in each shop.<br>▷ All the customers are voiced. (200+ samples)<br>▷ Various useful items to help you with running the shop.<br>▷ Inviting friends and sharing the game reward you in various ways.</p>


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