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'Cat War2 VS Elder-sign'<p>With over 10 million downloads worldwide, the popular defense game series,Cat War, has finally launched its new battle!!<br>What the hell!? This time, you’re fighting against Cthulhu!!</p>
<p>In collaboration with the popular online RPG Elder-Sign, the battle between adorable cats and Cthulhu monsters is about to begin!!<br><br>The kingdom of cats once defeated the dogs in the big wars. However, the peace didn’t last long. <br>The powerful Cthulhu monsters came from another dimension!!</p>
<p>Stop the invasion of the Elder Gods by rallying the soldier cats and cat heroes around the world!!</p>
<p>(Features) <br>◆Adorable cats and mysterious Cthulhu monsters.<br>Attractive characters dynamically move around!!</p>
<p>◆Simple rules, easy to understand for beginners:<br>1. Collect food by using fisherman units.<br>2. Destroy the enemy’s castle by using solder units.<br>Follow the above, and you’ll be ready to fight!! </p>
<p>◆Strategies can be complex enough to satisfy the series’ fans. <br>Protect your castle constantly, or rush into the enemy with heroes’ superpowers. How to fight is up to you!!<br><br>◆Don’t miss the bonus game, where treasures and fish will fall from the sky!!</p>
<p>With simple controls, everybody can enjoy this game regardless of age. This is the definitive defense game!!</p>


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