Rockman Unity

Rockman Unity

Provider CAPCOM

CAPCOM announced on this (16) day that the smartphone software "Rockman Action Edition (tentative translation, Japanese original name: ロックマンモバイル)" series of six works will be available for download at the same time on January 6, 2017. The detailed works are listed below, and each work is sold separately. The price has not yet been disclosed. This series is a work that transplants six works of the action game "Rockman" series launched on 8-bit game consoles to smart phones, making it more convenient for players to play. The game system faithfully retains to defeat the boss to obtain a special weapon, and then use this weapon to defeat other bosses. In order to make it easier for players to use virtual button operations to enjoy the game, automatic continuous shooting or automatic charging and adjustment are also added. Features such as game speed. The six series of 2D action game "Rockman" launched on 8-bit consoles will be resurrected on iOS / Android! CAPCOM is scheduled to launch six series of works under the name "Rockman Action Edition" on January 6, 2017. In addition to emphasizing the very challenging difficulty of the game, it also retains the special weapon to defeat the boss, and then use this weapon to defeat the next boss, this very unique game system. It was originally designed to allow players to use virtual buttons to enjoy the difficulty balance of "Although it is difficult but want to make people continue to challenge", so new automatic burst shooting, automatic charging of charged shooting, and adjustment of game speed have been added. The function allows players to enjoy the gameplay of Mega Man even with a smartphone. As for players who are confident in their own skills, of course, they can also challenge the game with the same difficulty as the original.

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