Gun Builder Simulator Free

Gun Builder Simulator Free

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<b>Gun builder</b> simulator is app that allow you to tune up weapons as you want! <p>From the most popular military <b>assault rifles</b> to the <b>pistols</b>, <b>machine guns</b>, <b>sniper rifles</b>, shotguns, sub-machine guns with unlimited ammo, realistic muzzle flashes and <b>3D ejecting shells</b> and functional attachments. Every single weapon is for free with all attachments unlocked. Contains many different <b>camouflage</b> accessories such as optics, lasers, lights, reflex sights and much more! All guns are completely customizable! If you are in love with guns as we are you'll experience an unforgettable experience! Airsoft fans will love this.</p>
<p>***FEATURES***<br>✔ <b>Unlimited Ammo</b><br>✔ <b> Super Slow motion</b><br>✔ <b>Shake sensors to fire</b><br>✔ Realistic smoke and muzzle flashes<br>✔ 3D gun bullets and shells<br>✔ Realistic Sounds<br>✔ Authentic Weapon Mechanics<br>✔All screen supported modern gun weapons<br>✔ Detailed HD &amp; cool graphics<br>✔ Simulation shooting<br>✔ Selective fire</p>
<p>We have collected the best firearms in the world for our simulator:</p>
<p>***WEAPONS INCLUDE***<br>• Bushmaster ACR (adaptive combat rifle) <br>• 1911 pistol <br>• Dragunov SVD Sniper rifle<br>• MPA .45 ACP submachine gun<br>• M4 Tactical Shotgun<br>• AR-15 custom carbine Assault Rifle<br>When you completely build your weapon you can take screenshot and share it with friends or via social networks. Whatever you choose in build options will be saved on your device so you do not have to worry about saving. In the options you can choose how to shoot with your gun, select slow or normal motion, chose unlimited ammo or the normal number of bullets within magazine. It’s the same for vibrations, smoke effects and screen rotation. <br>Download the best gun builder app for free now! <br>Use your android device as ultimate fun weapon and play with your new virtual shooting app!<br>This application is made for entertainment purpose only.<br>Any logos, names or images described here are trademarks and property of the manufacturer and used for identification purpose only.</p>


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