Screenshot of Dance Dash
Screenshot of Dance Dash
Screenshot of Dance Dash
Screenshot of Dance Dash
Screenshot of Dance Dash
Screenshot of Dance Dash
Dance Dash

Dance Dash

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No VR headset? NO PROBLEM! Play Dance Dash on PC with any webcam including TV and phone cameras and only a few seconds of setup. Rock to the rhythm with Trackstraps for controllers on feet or trackers combined with handheld controllers.
About the Game
Free to start the ultimate experience that easily makes you move while having fun. Whether you aim to lose weight, stay fit, or simply have fun dancing and enjoy music-driven workouts, Dance Dash is your ideal partner for an easy, fun workout at home or anywhere!YOUR PERSONAL DANCE ARCADE: A rock party on your PCPortable Fun: Move your body and step to the beats in any place – your living room, park, or even your office during break time with your portable laptop.
Party for everyone in any style: Amuse yourself or with friends and family!
Fresh fun everyday: Enjoy a daily health routine, keeping your workout fun and exciting.

FREE TO START FOR EVERYONE: Kids to AdultsNewbie-Friendly: Perfectly designed for all ages and skill levels, just enjoy!
Free Demo Available: Jump right into the action with the free demo!

MOVE YOUR BODY: Engage in Dance and FitnessDiverse Movements: Step to the rhythm with easy-to-follow moves, duck, dodge, jump and shuffle. Guarantee fun and encourage fitness!
Varied Music Styles: Experience a wide range of music genres and styles from pop, EDM, hip-hop, rock and more. Craft your own rhythm, groove to community maps and mods!

Drop your own beats with Dance Dash's beatmap editor! Choreograph your most treasured tunes, and let the world know how you rock!BE PART OF OUR GLOBAL COMMUNITYJoin dance and fitness enthusiasts from around the world:
Share and Inspire: Engage with others, share progress, and get motivated.

Dance Dash is more than just a simple app; it's a way of life. A fun, easy, and accessible way to stay fit and happy. Ready to make every day a healthy and happy day? Download Dance Dash now and let's groove to join the revolution!

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Contact Support: [email protected]


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