Screenshot of Chess on Ice
Screenshot of Chess on Ice
Screenshot of Chess on Ice
Screenshot of Chess on Ice
Screenshot of Chess on Ice
Chess on Ice

Chess on Ice

Provider CGames Studio

Play the beautiful sport of Curling in the most accessible and complete curling game to date! Play with your friends in competitive matches whether it's 1v1, 1v2, or 2v2, or play through the over 40 levels of curling physics based puzzles to see if you have what it takes to be the next Curling superstar!

Don't worry! This game can show you everything you need to know to go from a curling newbie to throwing Olympic quality shots!

40+ Single Player Physics Based Puzzles - From simple shots to a specific target, to weaving in between five different rocks to get the scoring hit, challenge mode is the best way to push your ability to curl!
Shared Screen Multiplayer for up to four players - Scream and shout just like the pros from the comfort of your own living room
Online Multiplayer using Steam's Remote Play - Don't have friends in person? Don't have a living room? No Worries! With support for up to four controllers, Curling Simulator will get you the fun you want with your friends!
Customization of Rules to Match the Pace You Want - Only have 10 minutes? Want a full simulated game? Want only one rock per team? The choice is yours!
Customization of Physics to Break the Game However You Want - Want to be throwing ultra-light rocks? Want to make sweeping pointless? Want to make sweeping the only way you will ever get a rock to where you want? Want the rocks to go sideways from the amount of curl they get? The physics engine is 100% customizable!
Tutorial to Show all the ins and outs of Curling - No previous experience required!


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