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"Do you believe that eternity exists in the world?"

Eternity never exists; even the stars in the sky are obscured by clouds, and even the rocks on the ground are eroded by rain.
The owner of the question asked the others as if he already knew the answer but was still seeking the possibility.

"Do you believe that eternity exists in the world?"

Eternity never exists, even the strongest magician can not escape the end, even the never seen gods, there will be a day of fallen earth.
Among the various different answers, there was still no answer that she sought.
Gradually, even the young girl herself began to have doubts about this nebulous word.

"Eternity, what should it be..."

The young girl thought this way, lost in the endless years, day after day.
She saw houses crumbling and disasters.
She saw the war and the lack of food.
She saw the world in disarray, the dark shadows spreading and breeding.
The shadows that overshadowed everything eventually engulfed even the young girl herself.


There was no room for error, completely and utterly, it was over, as it should have been.
The voice came from nowhere in the deep darkness, the voice of one person, and more than one person.
The voice was accompanied by a dotted fire in the darkness that grew stronger and stronger.
It had failed, the shadows had annexed the world, there was no doubt about it.
But the words that rang in the ears were so real.
The firelight gathered into a flame, and the light once again lit up the world engulfed by the shadows.

"So...that's how it is."

The starry sky will be obscured by overcast clouds, rocks will be eroded by rain, powerful humans will come to an end, and gods that have never met will fall into the world.
Eternity indeed never existed.
But mankind will never stop moving forward because of this.
Even if the shadows obscure the light, the flame called the light of man will still be on this broken and scorched earth -
The poem of hope will be ignited.

This will become the story of humanity, but not the story of being a hero.
Even if the sun is setting in the long night ahead, please reach out your hand, no matter how sad the road ahead, there will be someone to light the light of hope.
So this time, send the "flame" to us.

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38 Views 02/14/2024
It's looks so beautiful game😍..,l don't play it yet but l feel this game is epic and l will wait for download it when it will be available because now it's not 💔🥺
25 Views 02/08/2024
game don't work,only black screen
26 Views 02/03/2024
I think this game is good,just need en ver
Prometheus Game review
799 Views 01/26/2024
At the beginning of January, I received the exciting news of the confirmation of the agency rights for the game Huo Huan. This indicates that they are making extensive preparations for the launch of the game. After watching its PV and gameplay, I have high expectations for this game. In the current landscape where many gacha games follow similar gameplay, I am curious to see if Huo Huan can break the mould and inject more fresh elements. It is definitely worth a try.
18 Views 01/27/2024
I like This game a lot The graphics are amazing It's different Yeah this is legit The third boss is pretty hard but I think I can get beat her. But yeah this is a pretty cool game I like it
34 Views 01/28/2024
The game crashes on the third stage with the boss when you get her to 9 bars?
31 Views 01/30/2024
It just a demo with 3 map but the game is really good tho 
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TapTap News
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Open-world, Sci-Fi shooters,sweeping through the online offerings of the 2023 G-STAR
10K Views 11/16/2023
20 Views 02/06/2024
I will sell my lobotomy for this game
Joshua Dale Apas
40 Views 01/30/2024
I do like the game but the problem is that 0-3 is hard to go through because of frame drops and so much going on the screen meanwhile the boss is overpowered to the point that your character is stunned multiple times. The graphics are great and the mechanics are great not a bad game. The game is too laggy and needs to be optimized issue is having severe frame drops and ping spikes. The gameplay is great but I suggest that it would be nice if there was a mechanic where you know what to do " tips " on the game and a " tutorial " until the end of the 0-3. Storyline is ok. Overall fun game
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