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Gather a group of friends and hunt down the Illang (wolf) hiding in Koji Village!
In the peaceful Koji Village, a wolf in sheep's clothing is hiding among its citizens, plotting to hunt you and your friends down.
Complete various mini-game missions before he catches you,
and team up with your friends to catch him!
Work together or turn against each other to emerge victorious in this exciting tug-of-war of deception!

■ Game Features
- Cute and adorable chibi characters!
- Various mini-games such as Flower Bloom, Cat Finder, Treasure Hunt and more!
- Missions and skills that vary depending on your character's role!
- Wide range of customization options for outfits, accessories, pets, etc.
- Communicate with your friends via text chat, voice chat, and more!

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82 Views 02/28/2024
Released on mobile on February 28, 2024, this mix of ‘Among Us’ and ‘Werewolf Online’ is a must play! Set in the Koji Village, players must complete missions, but at nighttime, everyone must stay alert! Eliminate the wolf before it eliminates you. What’s in it for you: •Online multiplayer game, chat and voice features •Customizable chibi characters •Generous gacha tickets for outfits A mix of lies and truths, the iLlang is……
TapTap News
TapTap News
TapTap Official
iLLANG丨Global launch on Feb 28 with TapTap exclusive gift code! (10 gacha tickets FOR FREE)
4.6K Views 02/27/2024
690 Views 03/01/2024
👍 Pros: - Cute Art Style - Similar to Among Us - Easy to Understand 👎 Cons: • No Tutorial
TapTap Creator
HypeWatch - Ep.143/Upcoming Gacha & PC Games/Collab Hype
455 Views 02/11/2024
Bon Koo
Bon Koo
Second Wave Official
[TapTap APK Only] Please Re-install iLLANG
1.1K Views 03/01/2024
19 Views 03/05/2024
good play w friends
[Free Code] iLLANG (Android) Global Release Gameplay
255 Views 02/28/2024
Cute wolf amogus
97 Views 03/01/2024
phffff again!!
376 Views 01/26/2024
The only mode that the developer boasts about is something similar to the hide-and-seek/among us theme. Simply, the system selects a random person by making him a werewolf (?) , and then the team has to vote to reveal him while completing some missions. I don't see anything that would attract me to play it. I thought it was an open world game or something like that. 👍 Pros: anime style 👎 Cons: no fresh idea's
Bon Koo
Bon Koo
Second Wave Official
iLLANG's pre-registration has Begun !
251 Views 01/15/2024
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