Screenshot of Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG
Screenshot of Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG
Screenshot of Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG
Screenshot of Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG
Screenshot of Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG
Screenshot of Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG
Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG

Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG

Dev active
Publisher 香港魔法网络科技有限公司
10,619 Downloads17,457 Followers

Game Features
Exclusive pre-registration rewards: HERO-Julius Caesar*1、Common Soulstone*60、Basic Enhance Torrent*100、Bounty Pass*1、Huge Amount of Autoplay Income (9 hours)*1

This isekai world combines light and magic, embodying love and perseverance!
Interesting treasures are scattered throughout the world, each with its own mysteries and landscapes, waiting to be explored by adventurers.
You will embark on a joyful and relaxing adventure with cute and charming epic heroes...
| ▶Marco Polo: I pretty much never sit by the pool anymore.
| ▶Nightingale: Be nice to me I may be your nurse someday.
| ▶Julius Caesar: I conquered the whole world and the best they can do is name a salad after me?
※Awake Magic Power of Hundreds of Heroes
--Summon hundreds of epic heroes and experience the legendary stories behind them.
--Get 1000 consecutive draws upon logging in, high chance to get SSR heroes. Every member of your team can be in the spotlight!

※Explore Unknown Adventures in Isekai World
--Experience a pure and authentic adventure in the isekai world.
--Enjoy exquisite and healing hand-drawn art by world-class artists.

※Enjoy Fun Strategic Battles
--Engage in fun and exciting battles, clear levels while having a blast.
--Choose your favorite heroes and build a dream team with fantastic rewards to start off strongly.

※A Large Variety of Skins & Outfits
--A wide variety of equipment, pets, and outfits to choose from.
--Select from a dazzling array of outfits such as mysterious robes, sunny sailor suits, and handsome suits.

※Win Effortlessly with Luxurious Welfare
--Get random and generous rewards for the whole server.
--Just sit back and relax to receive unexpected wealth when the lucky cat meows.


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Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG - Mobile Game Review: "Fantasy World Full of Surprises"
740 Views 01/21/2024
71 Views 01/27/2024
🎮 Gameplay: ⭐️ 📖 Storyline: ⭐️ 🕹️ Controls: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🎨 Graphics: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🎵 Sound: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🎬 Presentation: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 💰 Value for Money: ⭐️
Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG Gameplay | Walkthrough | Tutorial (Android, iOS)
2.4K Views 01/10/2024
137 Views 01/10/2024
Very beautiful game, have good animations and picture. Really recommend this game
TapTap Creator
UH OH.. NIKKE, Girls Frontline 2, Aether Gazer, Arknights Endfield, New Gacha Releases
1.8K Views 01/13/2024
Duy Hùng
139 Views 01/10/2024
why I stucked at checking the resource pack update 50% ~~
103 Views 01/10/2024
Looks good so far. It is nice to have a game that does not rely on pornography to attract players. Rerolling is hard though. Hopefully someone comes out with a tier list soon. Edit: there is pornography in it, just not as bad as Punishing Gray Raven or Fate/Grand Order.
110 Views 01/13/2024
👍 Pros: Rpg and gacha game 👎 Cons: All, this game sk, p2w events, free skin for buy a month card, an pack of 99.99$ for an SKIN. 🎮 Gameplay: THE TRAILER IS FAKE, Look like an MMORPG but is a Afk arena game wtf. 🎮 Gameplay: Wanna be the top #1? Ok spend money, the guy who spend more money beat the top#1 Dont wasted your time and money in this zmsh1t, i check the CN servers, and is a game abandoned for the devs, never make more nrw characters or an update is a game plane.
Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG
Magic Chronicle: lsekai RPG Grandly Launches! Enjoy 1000 Consecutive Draws for FREE!
2.6K Views 01/10/2024
215 Views 12/26/2023
🎮 Gameplay: very very nice 👍 Pros:
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