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Ethan Jablonowski
KOMPETE is really fun!
357 Views 01/31/2024
KOMPETE is a great new game with a BR that has cool features like jump pads, jet packs, and item spawning. You can also climb any building which is genius. Kart Racing is a lot of fun also. Excited to try Social Deduction game mode soon.
TapTap Creator
The UNIQUE Game Features of KOMPETE Blitz Royale
12K Views 01/31/2024
TapTap Creator
This NEW Mobile Battle Royale Looks Promising
23K Views 12/26/2023
76 Views 02/01/2024
good web3 game, I like it. Once it’s polished it will be fantastic. 👍 Pros: Web3🕹️ Controls: compatible with steam/asus rig ally. 🎨 Graphics: 6/10 atm 💰 Value for Money: 10/10 🤼 Combat Mechanics: 8/10 could be better once finished. 🎖️ Progression System: takes a while could be speeded up ALOT
Saqib Ullah official
208 Views 12/29/2023
Players 👍 Pros: smooth 🎨 Graphics: amazing 🎮 Gameplay: nice 🕹️ Controls:
207 Views 12/26/2023
This game has bugs and forces me out devs please fix this😭
TJ Macara
36 Views 01/31/2024
This game has some sick exosuit utilization if you master how to use it then you are pretty much set to survive long in BR!
Tony Schwarze
54 Views 02/01/2024
Great game, a lot of potential. Excited to see how this game developes in the future!
Jayvee Aquino
This game is a "must-try" if you have a good mobile phone. Highly recommended !
54 Views 01/31/2024
This game has a lot of potential!! Don't miss it out.
38 Views 01/31/2024
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