Screenshot of Blind box party
Screenshot of Blind box party
Screenshot of Blind box party
Screenshot of Blind box party
Screenshot of Blind box party
Screenshot of Blind box party
Screenshot of Blind box party
Screenshot of Blind box party
Blind box party

Blind box party

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Still reliving the childhood classic "Plants vs. Zombies"?
Two Dimensional PVZ "Blind Box Party" is here! Celluloid style full dynamic character illustration + classic PVZ gameplay + unique blind box design ~

"Whoo! Here is ?"
The cute girls are transported to a magical world where they become blind box-sized figures and are spit out of the blind box machine.
Before the girls could react, the hostile robots came pouring in! Help the girls who have come to another world defeat their enemies and find their way home in an unknown environment!

★ Celluloid style character illustration, lovely blind box girl! (it's ꇴ even
Celluloid style character illustration, full dynamic real installation! Small people + big props, super cute Q version blind box girl!

★ Super rich gameplay ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
Experience the classic tower defense gameplay and feel the original love of the game. Endless mode challenges the limits of operation ~

★ Various style theme scenes (ꈍ﹃ ꈍ)
Defend your home from intrusions on cakes, dreams, music, refrigerators, and even ovens!

★ Creative Workshop built in! Everyone is a Creator (≥▽≤)
In-game creative workshop, all gameplay modes can be freely edited, uploaded and shared! Let's see who's the king of creation

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12 Views 05/03/2024
Super cute "PvsZ"!!! 🎮 Gameplay: Pretty likely to Plants vs Zombie. There are many characters with different classes for player to pick for stages, have easy-normal-hard mode and chapter boss. Easy to control. 🎨 Graphics: Extremely cute character designs with gorgeous illustrations, have live 2D. 🎵 Sound: Good
← Emergency Food
3 Views 05/05/2024
If you love PvZ, you should definitely get this. Though, at the time of this review, the game is in Chinese and there doesn't seem to be a way to make it English, but I can still play the game just fine despite that.
557 Views 01/28/2024
32 Views 01/31/2024
The game is good, and the painting style is lovely.
If u like tower defence games and pvz, you'll like this game. This game feels like a mashup of Plants vs. Zombies and a gacha game, ngl it's pretty darn fun. Graphics are also pretty good. The developers have clearly invested a significant amount of effort into enhancing the cuteness factor of the game. I'd rate the character designs a solid 10/10. Additionally, the gacha rate is quite favorable, and they provide ample gacha tickets as well ( alot fr ). While I admit I have a soft spot for PVZ, I genuinely believe this game is worth checking out.
6.2K Views 02/07/2024
3 Views 05/11/2024
Please update us if there will be global version
need and english version soon, it's gonna be more fun if i can understand every settings and menu.
57 Views 01/28/2024
✅ Like Plant VS Zombie but Moe Character ✅ Cute Sound And Art Design ✅ Colorful UI Design ⛔ No English Language
71 Views 01/28/2024
33 Views 01/31/2024
pepanian07 _twitch
45 Views 01/30/2024
Honestly I awaited less from a pvz remake, with a very kawaii art style in a formy of sweets and loli. Sometimes tho, there happens to occur some crashes, it is not too frequent but if I look over that then 5/5-1 due some crashes of course Would recommend to pvz players or just beginners (mostly otakus)
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