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Screenshot of NIGHT CROWS
Screenshot of NIGHT CROWS
Screenshot of NIGHT CROWS
Screenshot of NIGHT CROWS
Screenshot of NIGHT CROWS
Screenshot of NIGHT CROWS
Screenshot of NIGHT CROWS
Screenshot of NIGHT CROWS
Screenshot of NIGHT CROWS
Screenshot of NIGHT CROWS
Screenshot of NIGHT CROWS
Screenshot of NIGHT CROWS
Screenshot of NIGHT CROWS
Screenshot of NIGHT CROWS
Screenshot of NIGHT CROWS
Screenshot of NIGHT CROWS
Screenshot of NIGHT CROWS
Screenshot of NIGHT CROWS
Screenshot of NIGHT CROWS
Screenshot of NIGHT CROWS


Provider Wemade Co., Ltd
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Created with Unreal Engine 5, the 13th-century European continent where magic exists invites you to a huge war of chaos.

▣Creation of the World▣
In 13th-century Europe where magic still exists, we created a new world in which fantasy meets reality. Night versus day, light versus darkness, order versus chaos, and oppression versus rebellion— everything clashes and collides in the lands of medieval Europe. Dive into the most realistic experience of the European continent, brought to life with Unreal Engine 5.

▣Way of Life▣
In RPG, the character becomes another "you." Gone are the days when you had to rely on luck and chances. The time and effort you put in, and the promotions and advancements based on your choice will make your company grow, soaring to fulfill the missions given as a Night Crows member. That is the system of growth and way of life NIGHT CROWS are so eager to achieve.

▣Fly High▣
Now, the ground, sky, and everything in between will become a battlefield. With the use of "Gliders," the sky has finally become another stage for players in the European continent of NIGHT CROWS. Going beyond the simple flight using elevation differences, Gliders in NIGHT CROWS enable gliding, hovering, and various strategies for combat by utilizing updrafts, offering a three-dimensional action experience that breaks away from flat-surfaced battles.

▣True Action▣
The excitement of the battle in NIGHT CROWS is maximized through the realistic display of the battle itself and the vivid experience of growth. Experience "real action" that stimulates all senses by combining the motions of monsters upon taking damage and the hit impact distinguished by the weapon of each class, which include one-handed swords, two-handed swords, bows, and staffs.

▣A Huge War▣
This colossal war will begin in the name of god. Based on inter-server technology, the Battlefront works as a massive arena that breaks through size limits, enabling the clash of the three servers with over a thousand players. The enhancement of PVP skills specialized for each class, Gliders, and three-dimensional battlefields that utilize elevation differences allow the Battlefront to go beyond the existing battle experience. Through NIGHT CROWS, you now will stand "in the middle of a colossal battlefield of the European continent."

▣One Market▣
Everything becomes connected in the world of NIGHT CROWS. The three servers are connected through inter-server technology, and all individuals within them will collide and compete against each other for better rights and faster growth while cooperating and having exchanges through the connected economy of "World Exchange." One market of conflict and cooperation, one economy, and one world — that is the world of NIGHT CROWS.

[Rights to Access]
- Photo/Media/File Saves: Used for downloading resources and saving in-game data, Customer Center, Community, and gameplay screenshots.

[How to Change Permissions]
- After grating permissions, you can configure or revoke permissions by following steps.
- Android 6.0 or higher : Settings > Apps > NIGHT CROWS > Select Permission Settings > Permissions > Set to allow or deny
- Below Android 6.0 : Upgrade the operating system to change settings, or delete the app.
※ If the operating system version is lower than Android 6.0, you cannot change permission settings for individual apps. We recommend upgrading to 6.0 or higher.

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WE NEED ALL YOUR MONEY 👎 Lineage 2m like game, Night Crows is a copy. The graphics of the game are not bad, as is the history of the world. However, there is one disadvantage in the game - if you don't donate, then you don't play. _________ WHY LIKE LINEAGE 2M? 🤔 The main mechanics 🎮 of the game, combat system, mascot leveling systems. All these mechanics copy the mechanics from Lineage 2M, but they are called in other words. Moreover, if you compare the store of the two games, you will see a lot of different things. For example, selling items to get talismans, there are also 11 of them, they also seem to open chests, and you have to get the coolest talisman possible. But to get it, you need to buy 20 sets to be the coolest in the area. There will be no way to get a twist without donating, except for bait on the levels. It's all very similar to the pet system in Lineage 2m.
427 Views 7d
Chrom Deinos
7 Views 9h
This is one of the worst mmo i ever played. Cons : I feel like even the dev and others player dont want you to enjoy this a little. Market... The money of the market is literaly the real money... 10€ for 1000 diams... And i saw that this isn't that many because the fur of the rabbit that you can farm eazily( compared to any others thing) cost right now 1.2 diams a blue rare weapon cost 1500 it Can be destroyed while enhance...
Shahrul Azrul
8 Views 04/12/2024
Hate to say this but this game take time to login to server. I expect the gameplay like the elder ring or something but it just worse. I hope it can better than expected next time
1.6K Views 03/14/2024
So this is my honest opinion after quickly pre registering for this game, install and trying out. To put it bluntly, it's gold encrusted crap....great graphics, that will set your phone on fire after some hours, nice, though limited,  customization.  But basic repeated missions of killing 100, 200, to 300 monsters. High high high farming is involved and focused around diamonds. You want anything quickly to advance easier, must buy diamonds and of course it's not great. High price for little amount of diamonds.  I say little cause compared to the price of things in the market,  out rank the price for diamonds.  Basically like spending $10 for a blue gear. Just one. It's big open world, createable characters, nice graphics. But if you're not gonna be a heavy whale p2w player then this game's waters are too deep for you. Nearing 8gb for download its alot of content I believe. But you'll never see it without leaving a money trail every step of the way. If you want to experience it, then by all means go ahead. By day 3 if not sooner, I'm sure you'll  want to unistall as well. This game main downfall to me is its not giving you any gear from completing quest, or any high monster drops. Played for days and got one weapon drop. A normal unless you farm to death all day in dungeons or spend Hella cash daily, I wish you luck in your endeavors
54 Views 04/11/2024
Scam!! Stay away! You will get charged two or three times for the same pack (happened already on a massive scale, not just for 1-2 players). If you fill up a refund form, your account will be permanently banned. Don’t believe me? Go on Discord, ask around.
19 Views 5d
Wasted my time and data very bad graphics, I am not able to believe it's unreal 5. My mobile iqoo 12 (16gb 512Gb)
Mau vale
24 Views 04/04/2024
Absolute garbage, cannot verify my account
NIGHT CROWS Gameplay - Global Release Android iOS
8.7K Views 03/12/2024
7 Views 04/10/2024
Cant login via Facebook. Google need additional app called Twillio Authy
Ameer shaikh
17 Views 04/04/2024
Do something about this queue to enter. It takes around 90 minutes to 120 minutes enter the game. If this continues I will surely uninstall night crows. Please do the needful.
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