Screenshot of Warriors Rise: For Honor
Screenshot of Warriors Rise: For Honor
Screenshot of Warriors Rise: For Honor
Screenshot of Warriors Rise: For Honor
Screenshot of Warriors Rise: For Honor
Screenshot of Warriors Rise: For Honor
Screenshot of Warriors Rise: For Honor
Screenshot of Warriors Rise: For Honor
Warriors Rise: For Honor

Warriors Rise: For Honor

Provider RAY Games
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Hey, action and PvP fans! Get ready, because you're in for a game that brings together unique warriors from throughout history. Take control of brave characters from different nations and embark on a journey across the globe in search of glory in this epic war game.

Online Action
The battlefields are brimming with different challenges. Join the online competition and defeat your enemies. Experience PvP challenges in 1v1 or 2v2, 3v3 team modes. Fight for your honor and show off your individual skills to become the victor of the battlefield, or rush to victory with your team.

Unique Heroes of the Nations
Choose between legendary warriors: The nobility of knights, the ferocity of Vikings, the skill of Joseon warriors and the tactical know-how of the Ottoman Empire... Which nation will you choose? Control the unique combat abilities of your nation's hero and challenge other players around the world!

Customize Your Character
It's time to create your own legendary hero in the world of Rise of Battlefield: For Honor! Develop and strengthen your hero and make him the ruler of the battlefield.

Advanced Equipment System
Equip your hero with powerful weapons, jewel-worthy jewelry and magical runes. Try your luck to upgrade your equipment and earn special set bonuses. Get the best equipment to defeat your enemies!

Improve your Combat Skills
Upgrading your hero's combat skills will make him more effective on the battlefield. Strategically upgrade your skills and gain the upper hand against your enemies. Remember, every time you level up you will earn a new status point!

The Real Heroes of History in This Game
Explore the history of each nation and chart your heroes' path to destiny. Playable ancient heroes are waiting for you.

Many features await you. The adventure is not over, it's just beginning. Download and discover more.

Excellent Features
-Tasks will make your progress easier.
-The rewards are generous, collect gold, silver and other valuable loot
-Your domestic companion will give you various bonuses.
-The chests are full of gifts, and if you have the key you will be able to unlock the rewards.
-Don't miss out on events, take advantage of special events for important days of the year.
-Get your free battlepass reward, you can also get premium if you want.
-User-friendly interface for a comfortable gaming experience.
-AAA Graphics, smooth and optimized console experience on your phone.
-Completely free to play.

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The Steve
44 Views 02/21/2024
It's not bad for a mobile adaptation of the console version. But it's definitely lacking. This might be a hell of a lot better if it were purely on something like the Steam Deck. But for mobile, it's just not quite up to par. But again, it's not bad for a mobile adaptation. Tons of ads. And the gameplay is okay. But connectivity issues will make or break gameplay with weird rubber band effects, sudden and impossible movements, crazy leaps and sometimes I'm not even sure what's going on with the weapon swings.
23 Views 02/17/2024
Advertising over advertising, slow pvp without block or dodge so completely pay to win...
15 Views 03/05/2024
I would have loved it if it was real time pvp with pairing Melanie's like for honor
304 Views 01/18/2024
Ok so I am a real person and here's my review. It's actually awesome well the idea is. It's like For Honor mobile It's simple in nature but has the room to develop into something crazy this must be alpha cause controls are glitchy as hell, camera spins like a bey blade its super super sensitive and by God you have to have some sort of chat box or ability to party up with friends or players of your choosing being forced to play duos or squads with randoms all the time is a bit unfair. A FOR EFFORT AND WITH SOME POLISHING AND SOME PRESSURE THIS WILL BE A DIAMOND BUT FOR NOW ITS Medium Quality at best it really needs more fine tuning but again the concept is amazing I see where it could go keep cooking give it a try but remember i warned ya
Rise of Battlefield: For Honor Gameplay (Android,IOS)
16K Views 01/16/2024
32 Views 02/03/2024
Of your bored and want to play some PVP this might be the game for u
Too Greedy
87 Views 01/20/2024
Not a bad game. The devs are just too greedy, there are too many adds.
Rise of Battlefield: For Honor
557 Views 01/16/2024
Rise of battlefields: For Honor has a huge potential to be a popular game as it is similar in terms of graphics and combat gameplay to for honor. This game has a simple yet interesting concept its a 3v3 or 2v2 or 1v1 match using ancient warriors and weapons. Suggestions is that the devs add other game modes like castle or stronghold seige or there are game modes where there is territory control. Hoping the game adds tutorial and campaign mode but it's a cool game that's definitely worth trying.
1.3K Views 01/22/2024
41 Views 01/20/2024
Nice game ...just like "Warheaven"
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