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1.6K Views 01/29/2024
This game is a pleasant surprise, blending a 4x4 (viking rise, era of conquestand etc) strategy gameplay with a lively theme and storyline. If you've played open-world war strategy games before, imagine that experience but with a twist – now there are mythical beasts in the mix! 👍 Pros: What stands out are the fantastic graphics, catchy music, and an intriguing story. However, be prepared for it to eat up your time, and
104 Views 04/20/2024
Don't waste your time, game has nothing to do with what they show you in ads. It's just another terrible base builder
Ęrïčk Årtür
39 Views 04/22/2024
Perfect game. It could only have translation, be able to change the graphics and change the types of control
37 Views 04/22/2024
its really amazing game
Mamta Mehta
100 Views 04/18/2024
Best open world game 📖 Storyline:
Read from red dot. What is the of that I wanted to play this game after reading privacy policy I deleted this kind of privacy policy I can expect from China but Japan What the hell are you doing Disclaimer I never played. Basically after agreeing you can enter in game I never agreed so 🤐
1K Views 04/10/2024
fake screenshot
99 Views 04/16/2024
Promises: PALWORLD ON MOBILE In game: STATE OF SURVIVAL but with random monster 😂😂crap
This is game play in game guy don't get lie
1.2K Views 04/14/2024
Neha Sonar
39 Views 04/13/2024
Greatest game for a mobile palworld.
30 Views 04/12/2024
👍 Pros: good game
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