Screenshot of DST6
Screenshot of DST6
Screenshot of DST6
Screenshot of DST6
Screenshot of DST6
Screenshot of DST6
Screenshot of DST6
Screenshot of DST6
Screenshot of DST6
Screenshot of DST6
Screenshot of DST6
Screenshot of DST6


Provider eLfaras
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dst6 is an action adventure mobile game and can Explore the map, learn skills and meet new heroes. Join the quest of the Destiny Knights and discover the secrets of the Fated World!

We have Freebies for new user (After Level 3)
- Ruby 50k
- Gold 500k

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Partying NoobCrusher's Mom
Crazy 150 summons
14 Views 04/01/2024
Fiioo Gaming
9 Views 03/26/2024
This game is so underrated. Perfect for F2P players
Taekwondo Forev
14 Views 03/12/2024
Bring back the striker button
Josiah Maquiling
84 Views 02/18/2024
So glad this game has been revived
Vivi Vivi
Destiny Knights - dst6 (long gameplay) Part #1
3.2K Views 02/25/2024
52 Views 03/01/2024
I am playing it but it doesn't feel like the original feels like I am playing a lite version of the game without the in-game cut scenes feels like a bare bones kinda of version of the game I am happy to see that they tried to bring back an epic game like this but it's still lacking the elements that made this game epic .
Uhtred Owlsong
11 Views 03/08/2024
Cannot seem to get past the registration window. Anyone else have issues with this?
DST6 Gameplay | Walkthrough (Android, iOS)
7.5K Views 02/11/2024
★‡Loli TNT‡★
177 Views 03/03/2024
👍 Pros: The drop rates of the units are good. The characters are cute and have an easy growth system. 👎 Cons:  You quickly focus without having content to do in the game, despite it being very repetitive and your units not getting much stronger than the beginning. 🎮 Gameplay: The gameplay of the game itself is automatic, so you won't need to worry about controlling the game, but sometimes you'll have to use decisive skills at the right times.
Ρяιи¢єѕѕ ∂σℓℓу
238 Views 02/26/2024
Two things : - I'm glad this underrated masterpiece of the past came back - Not happy that this isn't developed by Netmarble this time, meaning there are less budget invested resulting in a lite version of the original and less work put into making it. Also, unknown/small companies tend to be greedy & stingy
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