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Warships Mobile 2 - Open Beta Gameplay (Android/iOS)
9.8K Views 03/26/2024
King Dei
345 Views 04/01/2024
Close to perfection!... I liked that our heli continues to operate even though our ship has been eliminated. For me, it would be the perfect game if the devs included the ability to land back on our heli for rearming. On the other hand, it would be very interesting if the developers added the initial elevation in meters or kilometers to the missile specifications table in order to take it into account when launching our missiles at the enemies located behind the islands. Otherwise, visually it is unbeatable.
0 Views 7h
New player here, the game is great and playable, however I think the game lacks of optimization especially with the battery problem. The game consumes battery faster. Overall it is enjoyable, just fix the issue.
Dany Alcivar
1 View 2d
AND It's amazing
Κυριακη Αναστασιαδη
2 Views 05/11/2024
I love this game but I can't update it but why and the play store don't have it for this country I am from Greece
26 Views 03/29/2024
is it related to Modern Warships in any way coz I see alot of similarities... it's in early stages so alot of bugs can be overlooked but definitely needs improvement. Also I don't know why the flares are exploding? it's not a bug it's a mechanism but don't make them explode. Otherwise a very nice looking game but to compete in world where MW already exist u need to give gamers something new...also add a download resources button in the game
17 Views 03/28/2024
Graphics is good but it lacks intensity. Audio and sound effects need a huge rework. Everything from engine noise, missile sound, gunfire sound and background music need to be updated.
21 Views 03/28/2024
The game is very good but there are some bugs that need to be fixed. for developers
12 Views 04/09/2024
rewards are too low .
khalif stigler
16 Views 04/27/2024
I can't do the update because it's not in my in my  country  and I deleted the game and tried to install it but  I can't update it still a good game that's the recent update
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