Screenshot of Marvel Rivals
Screenshot of Marvel Rivals
Screenshot of Marvel Rivals
Screenshot of Marvel Rivals
Screenshot of Marvel Rivals
Screenshot of Marvel Rivals
Marvel Rivals

Marvel Rivals

Developer Netease

Marvel Rivals is a Super Hero Team-Based PVP Shooter! Assemble an all-star Marvel squad, devise countless strategies by combining powers to form unique Team-Up skills and fight in destructible, ever-changing battlefields across the continually evolving Marvel universe!

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Celo Zaga
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Amazing MARVEL PC Game Now Available For Pre-register On Android, IOS
812 Views 04/29/2024
Wow Channel
11 Views 04/29/2024
The best game ever
4.4.  ★.# mustplay:choose
92 Views 04/29/2024
Celo Marvel Rivals
Marvel Rivals | Official Announcement Trailer
5.2K Views 03/29/2024
19 Views 04/11/2024
I want to play it and showcase it in my channel, but we need a Brazilian server too! This game might be A NEW MOBA LEVEL OF COMBAT! Specially the TEAM UP COMBO CONCEPT (ROCKET RACCOON ON GROOTS'S SHOULDER SEEMED AWESOME) RELEEAAASE IT!
mudmud studio
40 Views 03/28/2024
What a fabulous and fantastic game. Everything is perfect from gameplay to graphics and from hand to hand combat to abilities
18 Views 04/04/2024
ThIs game looks like it could be fun like thinking marvel OW that is until cheaters and boosters get to it also if this is the beta to its and android instead of pc Xbox etc I be more into it because I don't own one  when I'm buying all of that I got to say I had an Xbox but it got red ring in some form and I don't know if I want another one but back to the review I mean graphics look insane. Hulk looks good and fun to try I hope it's like the moba game which I had to start over sort of but not necessarily mad about that, this game looks like the creators are blizzard netease and maybe riot here who knows had there hands on it but not exactly sure what this could mean... It could be a next next Gen game by the looks of it but when I say that it just means the creators are getting bored because you would have to make up a whole line up for that instead. But here there are like literally tons of marvel people so I think it wouldn't be that hard and be fun for a hot minute for people to get into! I think I would end up rating it 4/5 but I haven't played it yet this is all going off base of the trailer and videos I seen off YouTube.📖 Storyline: dude none - Co op (PVP) 🎮 Gameplay: smooth as butter depending Internet probably, server and location please make higher than 60fps and I don't know who I rather have just make it already available for android and other places 🕹️ Controls: please make compatible as well
TapTap Editor
TapTap Editor
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Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha Test for PC starts on Mar 10, 2024. Sign-up now!
2.5K Views 04/24/2024
Bana na
14 Views 04/30/2024
Looks like overwatch
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