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City of Outlaws Open world early access Gameplay Walkthrough part-1 (Android, iSO)
17K Views 04/05/2024
Creative Pavan
15K Views 04/01/2024
THis will be the game to beat when it drops we been waiting on an open world game so long that has Quality we been waiting on gangster new York and still don't know when it ges global but this game will arrive earlier and it looks so good with the graphics of the game reminds me of San Andreas.I hope it gives us everything we want in a game like this.
926 Views 05/02/2024
City Of Outlaws | Android
3.9K Views 04/01/2024
Finally something worthwhile came out on Android! It's surprising that with such nice graphics and features, the game weighs only 2 GB. In addition to the plot, there are many interactive random missions, as well as hidden object searches. There are races, parkour, emotions and achievements. In general, there is always something to do. A special place is occupied by joint missions, in particular a bank robbery, which can be carried out quietly... It's some kind of cross GTA and Division. 5*
3.5K Views 03/31/2024
126 Views 04/03/2024
Finally a worthy game. It has so much potential. Everything is good in this game except driving control (my personal opinion). If they update the driving control in official release then it'll be great successor of GTA for mobile. 👍 Pros: Graphics Shooting Main Story Side Quests Gameplay Greatly Optimize Main Game Size (2GB) Server never disconnected (til now) No Micro transitioning (till now) 👎 Cons:
166 Views 03/30/2024
Best gta 5 like game for android gaming community that could ever exist just some bugs but it's ok this game is a beast I just hope that they make the traffic smooth and bike animations better
sandwip mustafiz
42 Views 04/15/2024
It definitely feels like GTA Online... Well optimised...nice story and gameplay..... Please add more cars like JDMs, hyper car super car bikes buyable properties with garage for saving cars tuning and customisation options...And better car detailing.....I loved the beta.... hope it release soon
213 Views 03/30/2024
🎮 Gameplay: minor bugs occasionally but the game is new and still being developed so I understand, it runs smooth and it's the closes mobile game so far compared to gta, it's plenty of missions and sides missions to keep you busy, I've played 5 hours straight after downloading it so yeah it's pretty fun leveling up and exploring the map finding hidden puzzles and little mini games, this game has alot of potential
Deva They
"The Game is Good, but it can be better" get it?
334 Views 03/30/2024
🎮 Gameplay: The Gameplay is good, definitely inspired by GTA and it's not bad imo 👎 Cons: I'm not a fan of the AI voice of the character, it's just sounds bad 🎨 Graphics: the graphic is actually good for this, not the best, but good enough for a mobile game The Game's great, it has a potential, just need more improvement, content, and improve the AI Voice
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