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Heimdallr is a multiple ending single-player RPG. Players play the role of a hacker Jason, investigating a bizarre murder case fifteen years ago.
Through puzzle-solving and parkour, the game conveys our thoughts on modern society and human nature.

In this game world, you will experience
- touching story
- Delicate hand-painting style
- A rich collection to explore
- Lots of ending branches.
- First-rate game voiceover
- Over 30 high-quality soundtracks

Everyone has a smartphone with a high-speed Internet connection, and its performance has far surpassed the bulky computers of a decade ago.
With the fast pace of life, many of us are lost in the explosion of information and the hustle and bustle of the world.
We hold the key to a connected world, but we have forgotten our original dream.

Plot Summary.
Omega Labs is a rising star in the tech world, founded by three brilliant young men, dubbed the "Three Musketeers" by the media.
One of the "Three Musketeers", Claire, died unexpectedly in the middle of her work, leaving behind her unfinished work "Heimdall". Claire's death caused widespread doubt in the industry, and eventually, Omega Labs had to close down.
Fifteen years later, Jason, Claire's son, grows up to be a hacker. He is extremely unhappy with the way the police have closed the case and vows to get to the bottom of the accident.
Who is the real culprit who killed his mother? Ultimately, what will Jason choose ......


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