out of 10


30 Views 10/03/2019
playing more than a week now and I love it - yes I'm a half otaku :P in the first place but 2D Japanese are-style and highly quality Japanese voice actress AND mix with fire-arms - awesome stuff! OK but that's not enough to keep one playing, logging in daily...... well to some it is, but to me it's the fun part of mixing the girls into various formation type to go against many forms of enemy formation and progressing in the story. what's even better if there's events; constant slew of event. as a weeb, this game is HELLA FUN, the only thing that's need is an English language nor global release. ヘ( ̄▽ ̄*)ノ
Awesome game!!! Although not my type ʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ
382 Views 05/07/2022
I love all the characters, they are all so beautiful and cute! But the game itself is a bit difficult to play. For most parts, I need at least 8 or more try to get 3 star in a level which is really time consuming and sometimes a bit frustrating... But above all, I have to admit it's a good game! And I would highly recommend it if you r a bit fun of strategy games!
Farhan Fathur
628 Views 07/03/2023
Well written world building, but poorly optimization on android
309 Views 07/04/2019
I play this for 3year... I remember 羽中 told that for non chinese He will give paypal soon But nowdays.. I can't use it Why...
Terence Chung
342 Views 07/07/2020
is this girls frontline tw has the latest update like from Google play store?
248 Views 02/26/2022
It has been 5 years playing this game until now l, got improvement and stable system. *****
HI•gamers To New
158 Views 10/13/2020
best game like my comment
Huy amogus extra sussy baka
65 Views 12/31/2021
still don't known how to play it but yeah it's good anyway
Vân Do
1.4K Views 07/19/2019
443 Views 04/15/2021
how much downloading game?
That's everything for now. Start a new game?