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New Dimension Rhythm Game

"A harmony of Light awaits you in a lost world of musical Conflict."

Touch, hold and slide to the rhythm through a challenging, unforgettable arcade-style rhythm game experience featuring artists from Japan and across the Entire World.
Experience brand new 3-dimensional 'Arc' gameplay: taking your touch screen to its limits swiping and following to the rhythm.

Lose yourself in songs of Light and Conflict within a forgotten world

⚏Play anywhere and anytime with no limitations. Internet connection not required⚏
All songs playable on phone or tablet!
Both free to play and paid songs available! Freely play many songs any time as well as unlocking Arcaea-exclusive original songs.

⚏Features ⚏
- A high difficulty ceiling - experience personal growth as you develop skills in arcade-style progression
- Over 160 songs from more than 100 artists famous across other games
- 3 rhythm difficulty levels for every song
- An expanding music library through content updates
- Full song jacket illustrations
- Online friends and scoreboards

Download now and experience a brand new music game experience!

⚏Story ⚏
Two young girls wander in a broken world filled with remnants of its former self: Arcaea.

Arcaea are melodical shards of the past that call out to the girls, but each chooses to be experienced only by one or the other. Over time, the girls begin to notice inconsistencies in the Arcaea that choose them and develop conflicting views about the world as it once was.

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Art fiasco Kiala
Best rythm games
1.2K Views 07/03/2022
96 Views 07/27/2022
Wow simply a banger of a game. An endearing collection of songs, great aesthetic design, and a difficulty setting for all skill levels. You have to pay for the good content but I see no issue in that, it's obvious there is a lot of work that goes into each and every pack. Stop bitching about this please ppl they need to make money. 
A good game to test your accuracy
91 Views 05/31/2022
As most people who have played this at one point would know, Arcaea is heavily based on accuracy. There’s no combo multiplier or any modifiers; it’s just purely accuracy based scores. Although the majority of the game can only be accessed with the power of money, the game is fun to play for people who likes to play rhythm games like me. The song selection is pretty nice, a variety of music genres and artists, along with a main story that hasn’t been updated since 2020 lmao.
35 Views 06/12/2022
What an amazing game it is!I haven't played such a fantastic game before.Its rhyme is elegant and its figure is nice as well.I will keep on going to get a higher ptt (although it may be a little difficult for me)
62 Views 05/06/2022
Amazing rhythm game, great graphics, however too P2W. Couldn't even access the main story without cashing in first!!! That's the only issue though so far, I hope this game becomes more F2P friendly in the future.
54 Views 01/05/2022
One of my favorite rhythm games. I've been a player since release and seeing how it transformed to what it is now is just simply amazing. Music selection are total bangers and charts have uniqueness from one another... Well until recently, that is. I've noticed this trend of charts looking awfully similar with one another and are just plain spam of notes. I loved arcaea due to its use of traces in presenting visuals following the music and other gimmicks. Older high-difficulty charts have this distinction before but the recent charts are starting to look very plain. Like Lightning Screw or Medusa. It gives off the feeling they're running out of ideas and that's understandable.
29 Views 12/24/2021
Charting is great, story is intriguing, game is hard af, music is great, you can feel the flow, you get better very fast but you hit the skill wall very fast as well which is actually not annoying at all becouse you need to try very hard to progress and rhythm games are meant to be hard af... Overall 5/5
36 Views 03/27/2021
An original rhythm game concept executed very well, newer charts are really high quality, and the game is updated pretty often, with such new charts, stories, features, and quality of life stuff. I highly recommend it, it's really good. Only complaint is the amount of paid content: More content IS good, but to buy everything in the game (sales pretty much only happen during the game's anniversary) it's really too expensive. Not nearly as bad as something like groove Coaster, but still bad nonetheless.
23 Views 07/01/2019
Love the animatic style of art, everything is beautiful set off the music. The music should be the spirit of this game, they are original and rhythmic, although there are not many choice of music at the start, to play more will unlock more musics, like other rhythm games. The gameplay is pretty traditional which tap the floor lane, there are four lanes and nodes, so nothing quite splendid during gameplay.
17 Views 07/01/2019
Stunning graphics, good maps, and fun time. An old type of a rhythm game, with new features. There are loads of cool sliders, that feel very responsive. Lots of time to spend, recommend if you are into games like osu! and others. The aesthetics are amazing, sometimes it feels a little Vaporwavey. Summarized, it's a fun game to play if you are bored, or addicted to this type of games. LGLS - 7.9/10
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