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★★Finally! The ultimate relaxation game★★<br>Ever seen a hamster in a pet shop and had a cuteness overload?<br>However, with their incredibly short lifespans, we all know the difficulties of actually taking care of one.<br>We highly recommended this game for those of you facing such a dilemma!!!<br>The sole purpose of this game is for you to kick back and relax as you watch hamsters being adorable.<p>Transforming to putty in your palm. <br>Getting stuck in odd places.<br>Making funny faces.<br>We hope you will love it in its every form.</p>
<p>■How to Play<br>①Place treats and toys inside the cage. <br>②Wait for the hamster to emerge from the cage. <br>③When it emerges, place it on your palm and give it affection.</p>
<p>■Fun Features of Hamster Collection<br>・The hamster’s activities change during day and night. <br> →Hamsters are nocturnal so they are active during the night!<br>・Treats and toys can be used to make them act in various adorable ways.<br>・Expand your cage and breed up to 15 hamsters.<br> →Future updates may possibly allow for more♪<br>・Individual hamsters have different personalities so you can enjoy their various actions.<br>・You can place them on your palm and pet them! <br> →The more you pet them the more affectionate they become towards you.<br>・You can watch the hamsters interact between each other.</p>
<p>■Highly Recommended For...<br>・Individuals who like animals, especially hamsters <br>・Individuals who like breeding games<br>・Individuals seeking relaxation<br>・Individuals who want to play games at their own leisure pace<br>・Individuals bored of regular breeding, rearing games<br>・Individuals who like both hamsters and cats<br>・Individuals who want to overload on hamster cuteness<br>・Individuals who find hamster butts adorable </p>
<p>■What Hamster Collection Is...<br>・Perfect for killing bits of time<br>・If you like animals, especially hamsters, there’s no questions you’ll get addicted<br>・Low-maintenance. Even if left on its own, it won’t die. <br>・Hard to stop once you get started <br>・Develop affection as you take care of them <br>・A casual pet for your smartphone<br>・You get to see lots of adorable hamster butts<br>・Adorable hamsters waiting for your affection<br>・A game you can relax and play at your own leisure</p>
<p>■Basic Information<br>・Free Installation <br>・Free Basic Play </p>
<p>■Notes<br>If you uninstall the app it will reset your game data so be careful.</p>
<p>■Sound<br>MusMus<br>Music is VFR</p>
<p>■Questions and Troubleshooting Support<br><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a></p>


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