Screenshot of Alien War Fighting
Screenshot of Alien War Fighting
Screenshot of Alien War Fighting
Alien War Fighting

Alien War Fighting

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The Tennysons see that Vilgax's drones and the Forever Knights are fighting each other.
After fighting the Forever Knights at the Mesa Verde, one of them tells the Tennysons that Enoch is using technology from Area 51 to stop a dangerous threat.
At Area 51, Ben fights Enoch, but he escapes with a giant robot made in his own image, using technology from the base.
The Tennysons track Enoch to the Hoover Dam and fight him and his robot. After defeating Enoch, his robot expels another crystal and Ben regains Cannonbolt from it.

While heading to San Francisco for a real vacation, Kevin 11 shows up from a Null Void portal on the Golden Gate Bridge,
and begins going on a rampage with Ben tracking him down. But he brought some plant-like aliens with him (apparently from Wildvine's home world)
and they begin joining the rampage as well. Kevin 11 kidnaps Grandpa Max, and Ben and Gwen track him to a lumber mill.
After defeating him, Kevin is sucked back into the Null Void. Meanwhile, the Tennysons now focus on fighting the plant monsters Kevin brought back with him,
tracking them to the top of the Seattle Space Needle. After beating the mother plant, Snap Dragon, it expels a third crystal and Ben regains Wildvine.
Grandpa Max begins putting together clues taken from the past battles and realizes that Vilgax is behind it all.

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