ER Surgery Simulator

ER Surgery Simulator

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&gt;&gt;&gt; Perform emergency surgery on injured patients! Use real doctor tools to treat your patients! <br>&gt;&gt;&gt; Anesthetize, clean, cut, repair and sew your patients up! It’s a surgery simulator! <br>&gt;&gt;&gt; OH NO, a shocking earthquake has hit the city and YOU, the ER Doctor, need to save lives! <p>Doctor X to the Rescue!<br>These injured patients need YOUR help! Use medical tools to clean wounds, cut skin open, repair organs and sew the skin back up! Save the lives of your patients and wonder at just how amazing the human body is!</p>
<p>ER Adventures - Surgery Simulator! <br>Enjoy the thrill of being an ER Doctor! NON-STOP excitement as you save the lives of your patients! Become an expert surgeon as you carefully treat each patient! Who knew surgery was so cool? </p>
<p>Exciting Emergency Features:<br>&gt; Carry out 10 amazing different operations!<br>&gt; Save lives using real tools used by ER doctors!<br>&gt; Practice real surgery steps! Perform surgery yourself! <br>&gt; Realistic and interactive surgery simulator! <br>&gt; Discover how serious injuries are treated in the ER! <br>&gt; Learn all about the incredible human body as you fix it up!</p>
<p>In-apps that include "All Levels" allow you to enjoy the entire game! Complete each level individually to advance to the next one and achieve your final goal.</p>
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