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Alice: Love & Murder-datingsim

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A dark suspence romance story based on Alice in Wonderland!<br>What will await you in this sad yet beloved unusual world?<p>◆◇◆STORY◆◇◆<br>You lived a suffocating life until one day the door to Wonderland suddenly appears in front of you with a girl named “Alice”.<br>Once in Wonderland, you’re tasked with looking for the murderer of The Queen of Hearts!?<br>The three suspects are The White Rabbit, The Hatter and The Cheshire Cat.</p>
<p>As you spend time with them you slowly uncover the mystery behind the murdering and the identity of the culprit.<br>When you discover the truth, will you go back to your world “Reality” or will you decide to remain in “Wonderland” falling in love with a dangerous man?<br>The destiny of this sad yet beloved world is in your hands —</p>
<p>◆◇◆CHARACTERS◆◇◆<br>Lord of the House of Spades (Love of Protection)<br>The White Rabbit<br>Former butler of The Queen of Hearts. He is neither on good terms with The Cheshire Cat nor The Hatter.<br>He’s very gentlemanly but also has a ruthless side to him.<br>“I will never forgive anyone hurting you, not even this beautiful rose.”</p>
<p>Lord of the House of Diamonds (Love of Freedom)<br>The Cheshire Cat<br>A man full of mysteries but with a very bright personality.<br>He charms people with sweet words, his mesmerizing eyes and his incessant smile.<br>“Such a cute reaction, I like it! Now I want to touch you even more~”</p>
<p>Lord of the House of Clubs (Love of Conquest)<br>The Hatter<br>A mysterious man who keeps his cards close to his chest.<br>Despite admitting to being a sadistic, there are occasions where he can be sweet and gentle. <br>“Oh? You don’t want me to do this? Very well, I’ll touch you there to my heart’s content.”</p>
<p>Other major characters including March Hare, the Dormouse, Bill the Lizard, the Catepillar and the Queen of Hearts - and of course Alice - are also waiting for you in this new Wonderland of a modern Alice!</p>
<p>◆◇◆SYSTEM◆◇◆<br>You’ll be awarded free jewels that you can use to read the story once per day.<br>Depending on your choices the characters’ affection will change.<br>There are three endings you can obtain depending on the level affection you have with the characters. <br>Don’t miss on the 9 endings, colored graphics and the full story!</p>
<p>◆◇◆SECOND TITLE IN THE ALICE SERIES◆◇◆<br>"Alice: Love &amp; Murder" is the second part of the series. The popular first part "Alice: Love &amp; Labyrinth" is already released.<br>Since they are parallel worlds, you can enjoy the two stories out of order.</p>
<p>Note 1: A lot of features would require internet connection. Please start the app with stable network environment. You can get FREE Jewels by connecting to the internet!</p>
<p>Note 2: "Alice: Love &amp; Murder" is a free-to-play app, but fees may apply to some of the contents. We need your support in order to bring more quality games for everyone!</p>
<p>■■ Recommended if you… ■■<br>“Koyonplete apps” is recommended for you if…<br>・You like movies, dramas, manga, anime, comic or novels that are about romance. <br>・You like ikemen romance games, love games, girl games, or romance/drama apps.<br>Aside from what's on this list, there is a lot of content for everyone to enjoy!!</p>


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