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Provider BlackLight Games
37 Downloads17 Followers is a multiplayer online game for people with a steel rod. Such brutal gameplay is infrequent. Your character will be a little neon little friend with a tail of different colors of flowers:
On the tail there is a tip, which is very similar to a mace with a spike. You will play on a large map, where there will be many rivals. Each will have a different tip. With its help, you will destroy enemies by simply hooking someone else's character. Also, you can release your ball and quickly return it. The larger the ball, brutal io game the more the player scored. During the game, be extremely careful, because here is a very complex physics of control and you can gain a lot of weight, but if your character is hooked even by a beginner, then you lose. Throughout the map are scattered multi-colored fireflies. Eat them to gain weight and then you can grow and brutal io game become dangerous enemies for your rivals. Also, guide for you can ram large circles without thorns and they brutal io will throw out edible fireflies. Try to destroy the maximum number of other players and have time to take their experience, until it's made a more nimble opponent. Become a real professional of the game Good luck!


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