Music & Beat (O2Jam)

Music & Beat (O2Jam)

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Enjoy the new classic rhythm game for everyone!<p>- Perfect Single Play<br>We have focused on heightening the most important qualities of music games, by taking into consideration the feedback from game enthusiasts,<br>from sync to note angles, note size, note and background color, as well as types of categorized judgment criteria.</p>
<p>- Compete Against the Globally Renowned<br>There is not only a graph which enables you to view the player’s skills in a glance, a social feature which gives you a chance to boast to your friends<br>but also an opportunity to challenge the top players of music games from a global ranking to 1:1 online battle with a song chosen in random.</p>
<p> - New Skin System Full of Individuality<br>A strong customizing system is supported where separate skin patches can be fused or a completed set is available.<br>Enjoy 'Music&amp;Beat (O2Jam)' on your own personalized play screen.<br>Don't miss out the fun changing appearances of each skin type as you level up 'Fever' stages.</p>
<p> - Best Song Selection System Taking Consideration of the Users' Convenience<br>Which song should we play? You don’t have to worry, from fun basic songs full of individuality with<br>3 key, 4 key, and 5 key levels of difficulty to M&amp;B recommended classic songs, you can know in a glance what new song the player wants.</p>
<p> - Offline Mode Where You Can Play Anywhere, Anytime<br>A feature where you can play freely disregarding the network connection has been added.<br>The best rhythm game available where you can play anywhere, anytime, such as the bus, subway, or even on the airplane.</p>
<p> - The Latest of O2Jam Series<br>Continued from the times of PC online games with 50 million global users and containing over 1,000 various music sources, O2Jam has joined Mobirix for this latest series production.<br>Notes with a completely new design to suit the newest work is scheduled to be sequentially updated<br>and there are tailored songs produced solely for ‘Music &amp; Beat (O2Jam)’ so please stay tuned.</p>
<p>※ ※ Music &amp; Beat (O2Jam) Special Features ※ ※<br> - Original sound best suited for rhythm games<br> - Over 240 songs including 27 most hot songs of diverse genres<br> - Level selection of Easy, Normal, Hard, 3Key, 4Key, 5Key play per song<br> - Short notes and long notes differentiated by light taps and prolonged touches respectively<br> - Touch &amp; Drag features supported<br> - Judgment results: Perfect, Great, Good, Bad, Miss<br> - Combo and 4 level fever system<br> - Result Rank Levels STAR, SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, E 9<br> - Multiplay ranking and song ranking available<br> - Customize the skin according to your taste<br> - Song sample available depending on user's selection<br> - 1:1 Multiplay supported<br> - Available in multiple languages</p>
<p>Android 6.0 OS or higher user Notification<br>If you want to use SD card to transfer or save. Apps Management-&gt; Music &amp; Beat (O2Jam) -&gt; Permissions -&gt; allow</p>
<p>※ ※ Other Information ※ ※<br> - There is additional data to be downloaded after downloading of Music &amp; Beat (O2Jam) is complete.<br> Wi-Fi connection is recommended when downloading data.<br> Depending on the network connection, the download time may vary.<br> - Music &amp; Beat (O2Jam) is a game where offline play is available, <br> however, you can only enjoy the full content with network connection due to the game attributes.<br> - Earphones and headphones are recommended when playing Music&amp;Beat (O2Jam).<br> - Please send any inquiries you may have to: <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><br> - Official Facebook page: <a href=";amp;sa=D&amp;usg=AFQjCNGf_4NxSxCyTZ4_n1LCJbSAKLZReA" target="_blank"><;/a></p>

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