Screenshot of Last Day on Earth: Survival
Screenshot of Last Day on Earth: Survival
Screenshot of Last Day on Earth: Survival
Screenshot of Last Day on Earth: Survival
Screenshot of Last Day on Earth: Survival
Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival

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The survival shooter Last Day on Earth is set in a post apocalyptic world: in 2027 the world saw an outbreak of an unknown infection that destroyed almost all the human race. And it didn’t stop there. All those dead started turning into zombies and those few survivors that have resistance in their blood are trying to survive on the ruins of the once great world.

And now the survival of your character is only in your power! Keep an eye on your character’s life stats such as hunger and thirst, collect valuable resources for crafting, create weapons and transport of different types or use what you have at hand: a bat or a road sign. Everything will come in handy for killing dozens... hundreds…thousands of zombies!

Defeat intruders to your land not only with your power but also cunning – construct fortifications with traps or go raid other survivors’ territories for the sake of rare loot and resources. After all people can do anything to survive.

Hardcore fans will have plenty to do in tough seasonal locations. Before going to a desperate trip, equip your survivor with the most crushing weapon to hunt wild animals and destroy crowds of mutated zombies. One can reach seasonal location on a transport that’s available for crafting. Moreover if you pass the wall on the west of the map you will enter an online location where with a special costume on, you will be able to interact with other players.

Explore the large and deep-laid world of Last Day on Earth! Upgrade your hero, equip your house, loot abandoned territories, hunt wild animals and other survivors – the new world has new rules.

Will you survive in conditions like these? If so, what price are you ready to pay?

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5 Views 02/16/2024
Always loading freeze such a waste of time.
WM Tube
WM Tube
TapTap Creator
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5.9K Views 01/19/2024
40 Views 02/07/2024
I hope they continue to update this game. Many years since release but some important content are still not updated. Like crafting tungsten to make guns, metal cutter, etc. Despite being heavily relied on having guns for certain places we still can't make a proper gun of our own instead of just looting it from bunker and others. But luckily the developer is getting nice with making some content easier like farm place and easier loot drop. I hope they continue developing the game before they lose their long time player base who have been waiting for years. For those saying its a P2W game they definitely chicken out of playing this game before actually trying.. even if you're F2P the game is still quiet generous. Every game needs grinding but this game requires real skill to do it so it's not really boring at all. Games nowadays are made so we don't have to think at all, making people lazy to do some minor task, what's good about this game is that they require thinking as well.
SonuTrans Gamer
injoya fishing a good time last day on earth survival gameplay.
236 Views 12/07/2023
125 Views 11/09/2023
Reskinned version of a set if games that all play the same. There is a viking version,  multiple zombieniena and they are all the same gameplay.
68 Views 12/09/2023
Well, what can I say about LDOE, the game is pretty cool and you get immersed in it from the very beginning of the game. However, the game’s content is quite feasible, but it feels like the process needs to be somehow simplified in the future tense. I see that the developers are trying to release updates regarding the content. What about the specifics and base of the game, here it is necessary to remove the energy, since they changed the purchase of energy for food and, in fact, the coins in the game are devalued and gives an alarming signal to the players that this is absurd.
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1.4K Views 11/07/2023
19 Views 01/28/2024
fairly good for a survival mobile game. But the obvious issue in the game is gathering resources and P2W element. 
221 Views 11/07/2023
If anyone can help me I need to know how to update this game on tap tap because I don't know how to do it!
546 Views 09/16/2023
Good game but not latest version
That's everything for now. Start a new game?