Screenshot of Monster Raid
Screenshot of Monster Raid
Screenshot of Monster Raid
Screenshot of Monster Raid
Screenshot of Monster Raid
Monster Raid

Monster Raid

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A true monster collection game is here!<br>Try your luck at becoming the world’s greatest monster hunter, together with cute and charming monsters!<p>◆ Game characteristics</p>
<p>Crisp and neat 2D graphics!<br>Charming, unique monsters!<br>A seamless storyline, organized into quests!<br>Over 350 types of monsters available throughout the game<br>A wealth of contents including event dungeons, raids, the Arena, and the Tower of Trials</p>
<p><br>1. Over 350 types of monsters</p>
<p>Over 350 types of monsters organized into 6 major tribes appear in the game! Try collecting all of the monsters!<br>Monsters will continue to be updated.</p>
<p><br>2. Over 200 quests, and a tantalizing storyline.</p>
<p>Don’t know where to start or what to do? Over 200 quests will keep you engaged.<br>Do small favors for Doctor Vickers or Rita. They’ll help you become the world’s best Monster Hunter.</p>
<p><br>3. 7 islands, over 60 regions, and over 200 dungeons</p>
<p>Explore the 7 islands in Monster World, each with a unique environment. These include Jackal, the island of prairies, and Arnoah, island of jungles.<br>In the Giant Rift that occupies the eastern end of Monster World are unknown dungeons with various environments.</p>
<p><br>4. Arena system for multiplayer mode</p>
<p>You can battle with other players as well. Check out your opponent’s team, and organize your team accordingly.<br>Compete with other players in the arena.</p>
<p><br>5. Hunt down giant monsters with your friends through the raid system!</p>
<p>Throughout Monster World, there are gigantic monsters that nobody can take on alone. <br>Join forces with your friends to bring down these giant bosses, and gain the change to win powerful monsters!</p>
<p>[For users using Android 6.0 or higher]<br>We need the permission to access files for loading the resources.</p>

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