Screenshot of Nine Hearts
Screenshot of Nine Hearts
Screenshot of Nine Hearts
Screenshot of Nine Hearts
Screenshot of Nine Hearts
Screenshot of Nine Hearts
Screenshot of Nine Hearts
Screenshot of Nine Hearts
Nine Hearts

Nine Hearts

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The nine powers that can change the world, "Nine Hearts"
Created by famed illustrators and scenario writers!
A fantasy masterpiece that will take your breath away![Hold up! Brief intro to the main characters]
- Tylus: An unfortunate warrior who lost his memory after being hit on his head by a "heart" piece.
- Rurika: A cute archer and also Tylus' younger sister who cares deeply for her older brother.
- Artemisia: A mysterious mage that hired Tylus and Rurika as mercenaries.
- Princess Justina: The princess of the Star Kingdom blessed by a goddess.
- God Ethos: The God that created the world with "hearts"
- Philos Goddess: A goddess that fell in love with her older brother "Ethos". She threw the "hearts" into the world and brought disaster upon the world.
[Massive Fantasy Adventure Drama]
- A robust script written by renowned writers!
- Complete quests and unfold the untold stories of the heroes!
[Unique Ally System]
- Go into combat with Allies! Unique Ally swapping combats!
- Beautiful illustrations produced by many named artists including Mr. Myung Jin Lee from Ragnarok.
- Unleash the fun by collecting Allies & creating strategic decks!
[Real-time Co-op Play]
- Battlefield of Gold/Boss Raid/Time Rift etc.
Multi-player combat mode that you can enjoy in real-time!
[Various Entertainment]
- Each difficulty with around 160 stages!!
- Fighter's Arena/Labyrinth/Battlefield of Gold/Boss Raid/Time Rift etc.
Unlimited contents waiting just for you!
* This game requires the following permissions for optimal gameplay.
- Permission to sync your Address Book and access device status for Friend Invites
- Permission to sync your Google account
- Permission to save necessary game data externally
** This game is available in English
** There may be additional costs when trying to obtain certain items.
* GAMEVIL Official Website :
* GAMEVIL Customer Support :


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